Saskatchewan Wheat Pool opens several new grain terminals in western Canada

by Teresa Acklin
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   REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — Saskatchewan Wheat Pool recently opened new high-throughput grain terminals in Assiniboia and Leader, Saskatchewan and at Wilson Siding, Alberta. The new grain facilities are part of the Pool's C$270-million construction project known as Project Horizon, launched in 1997, which includes 22 new marketing centers across the Canadian prairies.

   The Prairie Rose marketing center in Assiniboia has a total storage capacity of 42,000 tonnes, including 22,000 tonnes of condominium storage, an agreement by which farmers pay to store their grain at the elevator; in return, the elevator accepts responsibility for quality control until the grain is sold.

   The Great Sandhills Terminal in Leader has a total storage capacity of about 20,000 tonnes, including 10,000 tonnes of condo storage.

   Saskatchewan Wheat Pool owns 48% of the new facility at Leader, while the GST producer group, which includes 429 producers from the Leader area, owns the remaining 52%. The Wilson Siding facility has a total storage capacity of 33,500 tonnes, the capability to clean grain to export standards, and a rail spot of 112 cars loading on four tracks. The site also includes a Crop Protection Institute-certified warehouse and a fertilizer blending facility.

   Seventeen Project Horizon facilities are scheduled to be operational by the end of the year, with all 22 new facilities to be open by December 2000.