Sangati-America to increase presence in milling industry

by Teresa Acklin
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Sangati-America is focusing on compact design, automation and flexibility in mill flow as keys to maintaining efficiency.

   With the recent acquisition by Sangati S.p.A. of full ownership of the Johnson/Sangati Co. in Kansas City, Kansas, U.S., the newly named Sangati-America is moving quickly to increase its presence in the milling equipment and plant design business, according to Ben J. Ross, president.

   Sangati S.p.A. in March purchased the part ownership of the business previously held by Johnson Food Equipment. Sangati S.p.A. is part of the Sangati/Berga Group of companies based in Padova, Italy.

   Mr. Ross, who previously was vice-president and general manager of Johnson-Sangati, said Sangati-America was strengthening its technical and engineering support staff as well as its process design and sales/service. The company has added four staff members employed in service, plant maintenance, engineering and technical engineering functions. Sangati-America will add additional staff in the near future, he said.

   Mr. Ross, who joined the U.S. company in 1985 when it was part of the Henry Simon milling business of Simon Engineering, United Kingdom, said the new personnel were part of Sangati-America's expansion in after-market support services.

   "After-market support services in milling for the most part have been weak in recent years," Mr. Ross said. "That lack of support reflects the fact that most milling companies were expanding by acquisition and, in using existing equipment, relied on their own support staff. Now, more milling companies are expanding by investing in new equipment, so there is a growing need for support services." Sangati-America entered the North American milling equipment and design business through Canada, where it built three flour mills. The company has installed more than 300 pieces of equipment in mill renovations over the past three years, Mr. Ross said.

   "Existing companies are renovating their operations to meet competition from the newer-built mills," Mr. Ross said. "They realize they need to improve quality and efficiency to remain competitive."

   Sangati-America is focusing on compact design, automation and flexibility in mill flow as keys to maintaining efficiency. Stating that millers buy on price, quality, support and reliability, Mr. Ross added, "The milling industry is willing to invest, but it won't sacrifice quality. There are definite limits on that."

   The company is working at nine different sites with one company alone in upgrading its milling operations, he said.

   In addition, Sangati-America is involved in several new mill construction projects. It was a major supplier at the recently completed 281-tonne per day flour mill, wheat starch and gluten plant of Heartland Wheat Growers L.P. (Farmland Industries, Inc.) at Russell, Kansas, U.S.; is building a 136-tonne flour mill for Dover Industries Ltd. in Canada; and has been selected as the equipment supplier for the 680-tonne flour mill of Amber Milling Co. to be constructed in eastern Pennsylvania in the U.S., comprising 272 tonnes of durum products and 408 tonnes of bakery flour.

   In addition to its mill design business, Sangati-America manufactures and supplies grain handling, processing, tempering and flour milling equipment; equipment for starch plants and dry corn mills; and associated handling and packing equipment.