Roskamp Champion to supply crushing equipment to China

by Emily Buckley
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WATERLOO, IOWA, U.S. — The China-based Sahne Hope Full Grain Oil Foods Production Co. Ltd. selected Roskamp Champion, Waterloo, to provide the crushing equipment for its new oilseed crushing and extraction facility being constructed in Sanhe, China in Hebei Province.

Roskamp Champion is supplying the flaking and cracking mills used in the preparation plant. It will supply the first 32-inch by 84-inch flakers — 10 flakers, each with 500 tonne per day capacity — to be used in China along with 12-inch by 72-inch crackers.

Shi Ke-rong, general manager of Sanhe Hope Full Grain, and Jim Hughes, general manager of Roskamp Champion, finalized the contract in early January, with equipment scheduled to arrive in Sanhe by the end of July 2003.

"We are pleased about our new relationship with Sanhe Hope Full," Hughes said. "We were glad to expedite our production to help them meet their tight deadline."

The Sanhe Hope Full oilseed facility is not only the largest in the Peoples Republic of China, but in all of Asia, Roskamp said. It is expected to be operational in 2003 and will crush 5,000 tonnes per day, producing soybean meal and crude soy oil.