Reliable workmanship offered

by Emily Wilson
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The Spomasz Food Processing Machine Factory began in 1882 producing cereal threshing machines and agriculture tools. Today, the core of the company's manufacturing capabilities is roller mills and other milling machines.

Spomasz roller mills, milling rolls and roots blowers are known for their reliability and workmanship. The company is able to offer competitive prices with systematic analysis of the market, guaranteed quality and cost control systems.

Spomasz provides complete service to the grain and milling industry, manufacturing turnkey plants and modernizing existing plants. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997. More than 40% of its products are exported to the U.S., Canada Western Europe and the Middle East.

61/63 Kaliska Street
63-400 Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland
Tel: 48-62-592-1717
Fax: 48-62-736-1136