Record profits for Kepler Weber

by Chrystal Shannon
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PANAMBI, BRAZIL — Prospects of a bumper grain harvest gave Kepler Weber record profits of R$12.1 million in 2001, ending a difficult period for the company, which in 1999 closed its books with losses of R$39.8 million and moved out of the red in 2000, when it registered a small profit of R$1 million.

A growing awareness of the need to reduce an estimated 15% crop loss in Brazil — equivalent to U.S.$1 billion — due to inadequate storage has also moved farmers to invest in storage installations, said Othon D’eca Cals ded Abreu, president of the company, headquartered in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The high demand raised gross revenues 47%, to R$186.6 million. Some 15% of sales came from exports to other Latin American countries.

With 65% of the domestic market and 55% of the Latin American market, Kepler Weber is Latin America’s biggest manufacturer of metal silos for agricultural storage and grain dryers.