Quality products in the bag

by Emily Wilson
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Teta Muhendislik manufactures and engineers automatic bagging machines, steel flour bins, blending systems, electronic flow scales, yield control systems, vibrating bin dischargers, bucket elevators and belt, chain and screw conveyors. Turnkey grain storage silos are competitively priced and engineered to suit the client's needs. Within the last five years, the company has delivered more than 80 grain silos.

Teta's automatic bagging machines, available in single, four or six spout models, are known for capacity and accuracy. Its production and yield control system determines operating capacities and product yields of flour and semolina mills.

Teta exports overseas and works with representatives from all over the world.

Cankiri Yolu 7. Km., Aselsan Karsisi
06750 Akyurt, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: 90-312-847-5361
Fax: 90-312-847-5399
Internet: tetamuh.com.tr
E-mail: teta@tetamuh.com.tr