Providing the standard for measuring and control systems in milling

by Emily Wilson
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Founded in 1923, Brabender is a leading supplier of installations and instruments for testing physical properties in all fields of research, development and industrial production.

The Brabender group comprises four companies, with each company responsible for its own special range of development, manufacturing and service. This structure allows for versatility in each of the companies' special lines to the customer's benefit, the company said.

A know-how developed over decades and a modern, continuous development program, together with international exchange of experience, guarantee optimum individual customer service.

Brabender measuring and control instruments are standard equipment in research, development and production laboratories in the chemical, starch, plastics, rubber and milling and baking industries. In this last industry, Brabender equipment is mainly used for testing the quality and properties of grain, flour and dough to ensure a constant quality of products like bread, biscuits, pastries or noodles.

A modern application laboratory is open to customers for trials with their own materials. All Brabender measuring systems can be tested under practice conditions. In addition, about 1,500 articles dealing with the application of the Brabender instrument systems for manifold tests have been published all over the world during the past decades.

Brabender's sales organization extends to more than 60 countries throughout the world.

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