Providing 'intelligent' measuring, control systems to the milling industry

by Emily Wilson
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Agromatic AG, a leading Swiss manufacturer of measuring and control systems for mills, feed mills and silos since 1979, has become one of the largest producers of silo temperature measuring systems. Each year, approximately 3 million tonnes of silo space is equipped with Agromatic measuring systems, which provide the highest safety level and continuously measure and give alarms every 24 hours.

The Agrogran N silo dampening system by Agromatic is known worldwide in the milling industry and is available in capacities from 3 tonnes to 200 tonnes per hour. Agromatic also produces a variety of full and empty level indicators, including capacitive (self-adjusting), mechanical (rotary flaps) and vibrating rods. For continuous measuring of the silo, ultrasonic level units are offered for bin heights up to 60 meters. Agromatic metal detectors and separators can be used with packed product, in loose loading or in the fabrication process.

Because many countries require rotary speed and alignment motors, Agromatic produces a range of units that combine rotary and alignment control.

Grain cooling machines without intelligent control are still on the market, but not those manufactured by Agromatic. In 1988, the company introduced "Coolstop" — a system of silo temperature measurement in connection with a grain cooling machine control — allows optimum control of the cooling machine and, consequently, prevents wasted energy.

Agromatic also produces laboratory flour mills. Its AQC109 laboratory flour mill was updated in 1997.

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