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by Teresa Acklin
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      Level system

   The Sonologic II Ultrasonic Level System from Kistler-Morse, Bothell, Washington, U.S., provides an easy plant-wide system configuration for bins, tanks, silos and hoppers. The system allows for level read-outs for up to 16 vessels of varying heights, containing powders, solids, liquids or slurries.

   The Sonologic II also features frequent scanning procedures that provide continuous level information and allow users to customize vessel identification. The modular design of the level system provides easy system expansion and flexibility to meet future needs. Other benefits include unhampered data transmission and the elimination of costly re-engineering and/or third party bridging techniques.

      Cleaning machine

   H.R. Williams Mill Supply, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, U.S., offers its latest variety of filter sleeve cleaning machine for the removal of all types of dust that regular cleaning cannot handle.

   The filter sleeve cleaning machine is equipped with adjustable concave brushes that have strong nylon bristles to fit various cage sizes. Two to three passes are necessary for the cleaning process with labor savings achieved thanks to faster cleaning time.

   After cleaning, the filter sleeves and cage can be remounted immediately. The sleeves, which are passed through the guiding tube with the filter cage intact, are returned after the process to their previous condition. The filter sleeve cleaning machine is less expensive than laundering and allows for a longer filter sleeve life.

      Short Flow Mill

   Agrex S.p.A., Padova, Italy, introduces its latest variety of short flow mill. The short flow mill consists of a separator, aspiration channel, dry stoner, brush machine and conditioning bins with pneumatic conveying systems.

   The operation is carried out pneumatically with eight- and four-rollermills, purifiers and sifters, keeping the aroma and color of the product intact. Each unit has a prefabricated passage with electrical motors and starters and is tested prior to dispatch. It takes only seven days to assemble.

   The mill also is capable of simple operation by one or two operators per shift, and electrical consumption is only 35 units to 40 units per tonne. Different models are available with 8 tonnes to 100 tonnes per hour capacity.