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by Teresa Acklin
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Particulate emission monitoring PCME, Inc.,

   Chicago Heights, Illinois, U.S., has received a U.S. patent for the technology used in its baghouse and particulate emission monitoring. The Dustalert 90 Low Concentration Monitor and the Dustalert 50 Baghouse Emission Monitor both use the company's Electrodynamic technology, which provides stable and reliable operation for applications involving dust contamination of the sensing rod. The products are expandable to four channels of dust monitoring and recording and include computer software for full reporting and analysis. The units also include a profiling feature to identify broken bag location and operate in dry or humid applications.

Vibrating cage for silo discharge Stanelle Silo-Anlagentechnik GmbH

   Gueglingen, Germany, offers a unique vibrating cage to overcome silo discharge blocking problems for bulk products. The intermittently operating cage, in either boiler plate or stainless steel, is installed onto the silo cone end, promoting the flow of bulk goods and fluidizing even lumpy materials. An unbalanced motor vibrates the basket through a joint. To avoid compression, vibration is horizontal only. A wide range of motor speeds is available, and wear parts can be replaced from outside the silo.


   Modern, durable equipment for flour bleaching systems is available from Great Western Manufacturing Co., Inc., Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S. The company's agitator-blender is made with polyvinylchloride for the most sanitary, rot-resistant flour bleaching unit available. The upper and lower housings are fabricated with PVC and finished with white epoxy for durability and ease of repair. The rotors are constructed from kiln-dried maple and are machined and balanced for vibration free operation. Quick release hatches allow housings to be removed easily for cleaning and inspection.