Product Update

by Teresa Acklin
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Christianson supplies SuperPortable shipunloaders for Turkish barge terminal

   Christianson Systems, Inc., Blomkest, Minnesota, U.S., in February shipped two diesel-powered SuperPortable Model 200 shipunloaders to Sevil Boru Profil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S, Istanbul, Turkey.

   The shipunloaders, each with a maximum rated capacity of 200 tonnes per hour, will discharge sunflower seeds and other grains from barges into trucks. The filter receiver in each SuperPortable removes the oily dust associated with sunflower seeds from the suction air before it is drawn into the Fanless prime mover.

   Because the shipunloading equipment could not be permanently installed at the pier, the SuperPortables will be transported by and operated from a truck trailer. Each shipunloader is supplied with a 10-meter intake boom for maximum cargo hold coverage.

   Sevil Boru Profil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. officials said they chose the SuperPortable because it offers tower-like performance with the flexibility and affordability of a portable unloader.

Buhler provides systems for rebuilt Spanish flour mill

   Buhler A.G., Uzwil, Switzerland, has provided milling equipment and systems for a flour mill in Pontevedra, Spain, that was destroyed by fire in 1994. The Reyes Hermanos S.A. mill was reconstructed in a new industrial park in Pontevedra, which is located along the Atlantic coast in the northwest part of Spain.

   The milling system, which consists mainly of six MDDK-1000/250 rollermills, has a daily capacity of 120 tonnes.

   The flour storage and handling section of the plant consists of nine bins with a total storage capacity of 550 tonnes. Bulk loadout of the flours involves an MFPE fluid-bottom bin discharger, which feeds an MFPT loading spout.

   The facility also includes at 2,700-tonne wheat storage silo and a wheat receiving and cleaning system with a capacity of 100 tph.