Pest management video wins award of excellence

by Emily Wilson
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Copesan Services, Inc. recently was given an award of excellence from the National Videographer Awards for an original video drama created to educate Copesan's employees and customers about pest management issues in the food processing industry.

The 20-minute video, "A Matter of Life and Death," is the fifth in a six-part training series for Copesan on Good Manufacturing Practices. It tells the fictional story of an employee in a breakfast cereal plant who ignores several serious food safety violations, resulting in contaminated cereal being released to the public and hundreds of cases of food poisoning

During production, a real-life incident of contaminated breakfast cereal occurred in several northern U.S. Midwest states.

"The timing was uncanny," said Ted Granovsky, the video's producer. "But I think it drives home the point of the drama better than anything else could."