Perten forms strategic alliance with Chopin, releases new NIR analyzer

by Emily Buckley
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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Perten Instruments and Tripette et Renaud Chopin recently announced a strategic alliance, allowing both companies to improve service and support for their clients.

As both com-panies serve a similar customer base, their product lines are comp-lementary and will form one of the largest laboratory analysis product ranges, the companies said in a press release. Customers will get complete solutions from the alliance of these two established organizations, and will receive information and updates on a more regular basis, the release said.

Jean-Pierre Doligé, chairman of Tripette et Renaud Chopin, and Sven Holmlund, president of Perten Instruments Group, are both excited about the possibilities of furthering the cooperation between the two companies, making it possible to put additional focus on each company’s products in regards to marketing, support and product development.

In a separate move, Perten Instruments also introduced its second generation diode-array-based NIR analysis system, the DA 7200, which is ideal for measuring grains, feeds, foods, pellets, and pastes for constituents such as moisture, protein, fat/oil, fiber, sugar and others characteristics. Numerous added features include integration of an emission source to automatically monitor wavelength accuracy and stability; an automated referencing system; Windows XP software; demon-strated calibration transfer; built-in computer for stand-alone operation; USB/LAN connectivity; 256 pixel array; user exchangeable lamps with a pre-focused spare in the instrument; and a USB removable data storage device.

The DA 7200 is based on Diode Array technology with no moving optical components, eliminating the need for wavelength alignment. Samples are presented to the instrument in open sample dishes, in full ambient light, and require no sample preparation. The process takes about 10 seconds. Since there is no contact between the sample and the DA 7200, changes between products to analyze is extremely simple and rapid.

The Perten Instruments Group and Tripette et Renaud Chopin provide tools for content measurement and quality control in the grain, milling, feed and food industries.