Perten, Maztech team on image analysis

by Emily Wilson
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Perten Instruments Group and Ottawa, Canada-based Maztech MicroVision Ltd. announced the formation of a new partnership in which Perten will market, sell and support Maztech's SPY Grain Grader and SPX Speck Expert Digital Image Analysis systems. According to the companies, the focus in 2001 will be on sales and marketing efforts in North American, Scandinavian and German markets.

Last February, the companies announced a partnership in which Perten agreed to market, sell and support Maztech's SPY Grain Grader in the United States.

"Perten's desire to increase the products and services it offers customers and Maztech's desire to create a greater distribution network for its products make this a perfect fit," said Michael Cederborg, chief executive officer, Perten.

The SPY Grain Grader, which has proven applications for rapid detection of fusarium damaged kernels, is used for objective determinations of grade and non-grade factors in grains and seeds. The SPY "quantifies sound/diseased kernels (tombstone, ergot), determines the amount of damage on the kernel surface and reports the per cent damage per kernel," according to Perten. It also measures kernel size and shape characteristics.

The SPX Speck Expert is used for speck counting in durum products and flours as well as for the measurement of Bran Index. According to Perten, the Bran Index allows bakers to better judge the baking characteristics of the flour they purchase.

"Both the SPX and SPY help to remove the subjectivity associated with current human visual grading," Perten said. "The subjectivity is often a source of concern and rancor between sellers and purchasers of grain as they disagree as to the quality of the grain or grain product."