Perten Instruments celebrates 40th anniversary

by Emily Wilson
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TALLINN, ESTONIA — Although headquartered in Huddinge, Sweden, Perten Instruments recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary in Tallinn, the birthplace of its founder, Harald Perten, with a large gathering of employees and distributors.

The meeting was a diverse mixture of presentations and discussions, with 70 people from more than 30 countries in attendance. Several new products were previewed, and general discussions were held on the future directions of the flour, grain and feed industries.

Toomas Ilves, former Estonian Foreign Minister, provided a brief overview of Estonian history and its recent struggles and successes since gaining independence. Dr. Illimar Altosaar, of Ottawa University, discussed some of the issues and misunderstandings concerning genetically modified organisms. Harald Perten’s many contributions to the cereal industry were discussed by Dr. Helmut Glattes, chief operating officer and Secretariat General of the International Cereal Chemists (ICC). The Harald Perten Foundation, he noted, has provided support for many students and academics in furthering the science of cereal grains.

Harald Perten founded Perten Instruments in an effort to further cereal science and to provide methods specific to the cereal grain industry. The basis for the company was the development of the World Standard Falling Number method that measures alpha-amylase activity, an indicator of sprout damage in grain. As this method gained acceptance, the company grew and added new analysis techniques including the Glutomatic (automated gluten tester), Near-infrared (NIR) analytical spectrometers, and Single Kernel technology.

Sven Holmlund, c.e.o. of Perten Instruments Group, closed the meeting by reading portions of a letter from Dr. Okie Chung, current ICC and past AACC president. "… The Perten Foundation is an extremely important ICC vehicle in promoting cereal science and technology due to its recognition of outstanding achievers with the Perten Awards as well as financial support for various activities. Because of the vision of your company, the ICC can achieve our aims, goals and dreams for the betterment of all people. Thank you. …"

Currently, Perten has offices in Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.S. Perten Instruments is also represented, distributed and serviced in more than 100 other countries.