PM-Luft: Cool grain storage

by Chrystal Shannon
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Serving the agricultural industry since 1952, PM-Luft AB manufactures a wide range of air handling equipment for various purposes. Its Kanal System, designed for both aeration and unloading, eliminates the need for bin entry. This dual-function aeration and unloading system provides aeration with 100% saturation and efficient bin unloading using the aeration fan. The system requires no mechanical parts inside the bin.

PM-Luft grain coolers chill the storage bin, controlling the temperature of the grain regardless of ambient conditions. The cooler maintains the temperature and quality of the grain without turning, fumigation or shrinkage. A PM-Luft grain cooler can increase milling yields, improve drying capacity at reduced cost and protect the grain from insects, reducing or eliminating the need for chemical fumigation.

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