Offering a world of choices in ship loading and unloading equipment

by Emily Wilson
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Vigan Engineering S.A. offers a world of choices in ship and barge loaders and unloaders to suit the varying conditions of fluvial, sea ports and bulk handling facilities. Its pneumatic unloaders for ships, barges, trucks and wagons are available incapacities from 60 tonnes per hour to 600 tph per pipe and 1,200 tph with two pipes.

Vigan works with clients through engineering, design, manufacturing, erection, start-up, on-site and factory personnel training with continued after-sales services and financing.

Up-to-date references will show Vigan installations in operation on five continents are being used to load or unload a wide range of products, including fertilizers, urea and phosphates, grain and agricultural products, animal foodstuffs and chemical products.

The European standard of manufacturing is used in the erection and commissioning of all Vigan equipment. Because the company stresses great care and attention to ecological and environmental integrity and safety, Vigan ship loaders and unloaders are referred to as "green."

Vigan's success, as illustrated by an impressive order book, is due to a combination of skilled ship loader and unloader engineering, high-quality port equipment, extensive field service. Competitive prices and fast, efficient customer support also contribute to Vigan's solid reputation worldwide.

Vigan was recognized for excellence in exporting and services in July 1998.

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