Ocrim's institute of learning

by Meyer Sosland
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To keep pace with modern developments and improvements in technology, training is no longer an option but a real necessity for all business sectors, and the milling industry is no exception. In the milling field, the Technological Milling School of Ocrim, Cremona, Italy, is helping to fill this need.

The aim of the school has always been to help milling companies operate in a proper and scientific way. For this purpose it provides its students with the most advanced know-how. By teaching the techniques and technologies that will keep milling plants running at the highest efficiencies possible, the Ocrim school is educating the world’s millers.

The Ocrim school’s founding in 1965 came about because the company’s management believed it important not only to supply milling plants but also to provide its customers with the skills to operate them in the most efficient way.

Over the years, the school’s courses have been modified to reflect the changes in milling technology but never has its core purpose shifted; they remain to grant: maximum flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of the various customers, both in relation to course length and the subjects taught assistance to students well over the lesson time to help them in solving the normal problems often encountered in the accomplishment of their duty.

The Ocrim School of Milling Technology is celebrating its 40th anniversary and on this anniversary it takes great pride in having school facilities at the heart of the company’s compound. The school’s structure incorporates a chemical laboratory equipped with the most modern apparatuses; a mechanical laboratory with the main flour milling machines; a pilot mill recently revamped with the new rollermills and equipped with the latest RMX and a professional teaching team, which is constantly updating its courses.

Ocrim is proud that since its foundation the school has trained over 2,500 technicians from all over the world.

This year the Ocrim school has had eight courses, with an average length of – four weeks, which have been attended by 57 technicians. They have come from Angola, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ethiopia, Philippines, Japan, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Libya, Mexico and Venezuela.

The 2005 programs include courses geared towards updating technologists, maintenance engineers, chemical and laboratory analysts and practically all those who are involved in flour milling activities. There will be various standard four week long sessions, however Ocrim will arrange specific and tailored courses for any specific requirements.

For further information on the school’s courses contact the Ocrim Commercial Office Secretariat by tel: 39.0372.4011 or by e-mail: info@ocrim.com. WG We want to hear from you — Send comments and inquiries to worldgrain@sosland.com.