Ocrim: Training, customer service and quality products define Ocrim

by Chrystal Shannon
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Ocrim S.p.A. is a world leader in the cereal milling processing field. The company, based in Cremona, Italy, designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and commissions electromechanical machinery and accessories for:

• Pneumatic grain ship unloaders.

• Grain and pellet silos.

• Flour and semolina mills.

• Flour silos with mixing and packing sections.

• Maize mills with dry or semi-sweet degermination systems.

• Mills for soybeans and other cereals and seeds.

• Feed mills.

Ocrim assists clients in analyzing opportunities, budget appraisal and researching financing methods. Ocrim’s 400 employees provide flow diagrams, civil works, metal buildings, electrical installation, plant automation and operation control, and plant management and telecommunication systems. From its manufacturing plant in Cremona, Ocrim develops handling and processing equipment, electric switchboards for drive control systems and automated computerized systems for plant management.

Ocrim also provides technical assistance and offers clients training on site as well as after-sales service and a spare parts service. Ocrim’s international milling school in Cremona offers courses for mill managers, milling supervisors, cereal chemists and engineers. Students are trained in operating and managing mills, milling theory and laboratory testing.

International experience, high-quality machinery standards, advanced milling technology and after-sale service has helped Ocrim supply plants in almost every country. Ocrim guarantees assistance through its affiliated offices, service agents and representatives around the world.

Via Massarotti, 76

26100 Cremona, Italy

Tel: 39-0372-4011

Fax: 39-0372-4126-92

E-mail: info@ocrim.com

Internet: www.ocrim.com