Nuts & Bolts: Scales and Weighing Equipment

by Teresa Acklin
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Flow control scale

   The Feedamatic 67 flow control scale delivers a uniform flow of material at the exact selected rate regardless of changes in moisture level or density.

   The Feedamatic's features and benefits include

   • advanced, twin single-point load cells on four isolated mounts to ensure accuracy, even when load is off center;

   • uniform flow, compact and hygienic because of new mass-flow weighing hopper design;

   • inlet and discharge gate bearings and socks that are isolated from material flow to increase hygiene and reduce maintenance;

   • maintenance-free, high torque, quarter-turn actuators with sealed moving parts for hygiene and safety;

   • superior ergonomics — calibration panel is on the scale while operator's display can be located remotely;

   • precise control with fast start-up and shutdown because of maintenance-free, force-balanced electro-pneumatic positioner.

   Comptrol Computer Control, Inc., 5640 Tomken Rd., Unit #4, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4W 1P4. Tel: 905-238-5957. Fax: 905-238-5959.

Digital automatic moisture tester

   Seedburo Equipment Company's Model DMC-700 Moisture Tester provides fast, accurate moisture results on more than 200 commodities ranging from commercial grains and seeds to nuts and processed materials.

   The Seedburo/Burrows standard model features

   • direct moisture results

   • automatic temperature correction

   • bright, easy-to-read l.e.d. display

   • pushbutton operation

   • self-check calibration procedures

   • 110/220 volt or 12 volt battery operation.

   Seedburo Equipment Company, 1022 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois, 60607-2990, U.S. Tel: 312-738-3700. Fax: 312-738-3544.