Nuts & Bolts: Grain Dryers

by Teresa Acklin
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Nuts & Bolts offers a quick review of equipment and services available in a specific category.

Recirculating grain dryer

   Berico grain dryers, manufactured by Behlen Manufacturing Co., Columbus, Nebraska, U.S., are designed for low-cost drying and quality grain output. Berico efficiency is obtained by recirculating up to two-thirds of all preheated exhaust air and utilizing a unique “Turn Flo” grain exchange during the drying process. With Berico, virtually all preheat exhaust air from the cooler section — and half the preheated exhaust air from the drying section — can be recirculated.

   Berico dryers are clean, quiet and fuel efficient. Only one-third of the exhaust from the recirculating dryer is emitted to the atmosphere. Single tower units dry up to 136 tonnes per hour, and additional tower units can be added to meet desired capacity.

   Designs are available for all cereal grains, edible beans and coffee, sorghum, rice, soybeans or sunflowers. Energy sources use gas, oil or steam.

   Behlen Manufacturing Co., P.O. Box 569, Columbus, Nebraska 68601, U.S. Tel: 402-564-3111. Fax: 402-563-7405.

Commercial tower dryers

   Grain Systems, Inc., Assumption, Illinois, U.S., introduces a line of tower dryers for commercial grain operations.

   The dryers offer several features, including 30-centimeter grain columns equipped with grain turners to assure uniformly dried grain. A simplified grain discharge system eliminates sweep augers and provides for quick dryer cleanout. Recycled heat reduces fuel costs, and in-line centrifugal blowers are internally mounted for quiet operation.

   G.S.I. tower dryers also feature the Electronic Monitoring Control System. The system self-diagnoses dryer problems and displays the information on a large backlit liquid crystal display.

   The Electronic Monitoring Control System also is featured in new Airstream dryers introduced by G.S.I.'s Airstream grain conditioning division. The redesigned line of continuous flow/automatic batch grain dryers comes in more than 60 models.

   The Electronic Monitoring Control System maintains a history of past dryer operation and a service record; calculates total dryer time, tonnes per hour and total tonnes dried; and has an adjustable unload and load time delay.

   Grain Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 20, 1004 E. Illinois Street, Assumption, Illinois 62510 U.S.; Tel: 217-226-4421. Fax: 217-226-4420.

Continuous flow rice dryer

   Shanzer, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, U.S., offers continuous flow rice dryers in 16 models. Capacities range from 72 to 345 tonnes per hour.

   Shanzer continuous flow rice dryers incorporate a number of features to assure uniform drying and efficient handling. Woven wire screens offer minimum resistance to air flow, providing greater air circulation than cheaper punched screening. A six-pocket feed roll — two more than found in most dryers — eliminates cracking between feed roll blade and apron and assures minimum grain damage.

   The grain exchanger crisscrosses the grain flow for uniform drying without overdrying. This design maintains an even drying temperature for grain and keeps average moisture content uniform.

   A new foreign material return, optional at extra cost, diverts the material back into the grain stream using removable baffles. This feature minimizes cleanup, cuts labor costs and eliminates foreign material build-up in the enclosure.

   Shanzer also supplies dryers for other grains in a variety of capacities. Shanzer dryers offer motor control centers that give complete control of all functions from one station; a modular steel enclosure, which protects columns, fans and electrical controls from wind and adverse weather; and three personnel doors, one on each side of the dryer column, enabling easy access for inspection and maintenance.

   Shanzer Grain Dryers (Division of D & W Industries, Inc.), P.O. Box 834, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57101, U.S. Tel: 605-336-0439. Fax: 605-336-9569.