North American Tech Outlook

by Teresa Acklin
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A special advertising section devoted to international grain and milling technology.

Codema, Inc.

   11790 Troy Lane North

   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55369-9377 U.S.

   Tel: (612) 428-2266

   Fax: (612) 428-4411



   Codema, Inc. was established in 1970 to serve as consultants to the grain processing and related industries. Codema's scope has expanded to serve virtually the whole spectrum of bulk handling and processing.

   Today, in addition to our consulting, engineering and design services, we offer equipment and systems sales, construction and start-up supervision, as well as a host of other services throughout the world.

   Codema serves these industries from its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. In order to meet the growing demand for our products and services around the world, a Canadian office was established in 1991, along with representatives in Mexico and Australia.

   From the beginning, Codema has always relied on an individual, innovative approach to problem-solving, which has been acknowledged by many of our long time customers in the form of continuing orders, projects and referrals. Some of the many services we offer include feasibility studies, cost analysis, project costing, production flows, general layouts and start-up services.


   1201 Hawthorne Lane

   West Chicago, Illinois 60185 U.S.

   Tel: (630) 231-9020

   Fax: (630) 231-6120

   Telex: 210239 NERO UR

   Neuero Corp. and its sister company, Neuero Industrietechnik, Melle, Germany, are world leaders in the design, engineering and manufacture of pneumatic equipment ranging from small portable units used in the agricultural industry to large marine applications.

   The companies have received worldwide recognition for their GSD line of portable unloaders commonly used in lighterage operations and small port facilities.

   As worldwide grain shipments increased in size, Neuero used its past successful experiences to develop its Multiport line of quay-side unloaders. These unloaders are available in mobile and fixed design. Capacities range from 150 tph to 1,000 tph.

   Recent installations include the Philippines, where we designed and installed a new receiving plant for Pilmico Foods Corp. The project included a new stationary 300 tph unloader to service 45,000 dwt vessels. We also designed and installed a 400 tph mechanical conveying system to move grain from the unloader to the silos. The system included belt conveyors; drag conveyors; bucket elevators; and precleaner, electronic scale, dust filtration and monitoring equipment.

   In Indonesia, we have installed unloaders for P.T. Berdikari Flour Mills in Ujung Pandang and for P.T. Bogasari Flour Mills facilities in Jakarta and Surabaya. Work also is under way on the Sarpindo jetty project in Jakarta, where one of two unloaders also will be fitted with a 400 tph ship loading system for bran pellets.

   The Neuero Group is dedicated to providing the most efficient and productive solution for each project.

   We are proud of our past accomplishments and our current projects. Our client list includes such reputable names as Continental Grain, Pillsbury, Cargill, Owensboro Grain, Pure Foods and Ocrim S.p.A. We hope that we will have the honor and opportunity to work with you on a project in the near future.


   Box 2105

   Grand Island, Nebraska 68802 U.S.

   Tel: (308) 384-9320

   Fax: (308) 382-6954

   The name of MFS/York/Stormor is well known throughout the world as one of the major suppliers of grain storage, handling and drying equipment for both farm and industrial use.

   The International Division has sold MFS/York/Stormor products in many parts of the world with major markets being developed in the former Soviet Union, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East.

   The “MFS” name covers a range of galvanized corrugated round storage silos with storage capacities from 180 tonnes up to 12,784 tonnes on the 27.43 meter “Super Storage Bins.” The agricultural range of storage and drying silos is marketed under the “Stormor” name and includes many of the features of the industrial range. The “York” name covers the complete range of grain handling equipment that is available for both commercial and industrial use.

   MFS/York/Stormor also offers a complete range of associated equipment including grain cleaners, elevator support towers, silo catwalks, temperature monitoring, silo aeration, sweep augers and silo discharge systems.

Christianson Systems, Inc.

   20421 15th Street, S.E.

   P.O. Box138

   Blomkest, Minnesota 56216 U.S.

   Tel: (320) 995-6141

   Fax: (320) 995-6145



   Christianson Systems, Inc. is a major U.S. designer and manufacturer of portable and stationary pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems for bulk material handling. High capacity, dust-free feed and grain transfer and ship, barge and rail car unloading are specialties addressed through state-of-the-art engineering. The systems are also well suited for loading and unloading of warehouses, silos and trucks. Additionally tailored for bulk handling are pneumatic systems for conveying specialty products such as malting barley, fertilizers, rice, seed and dry chemicals.

   Christianson builds Fanless shipunloaders for bulk grains, animal feeds and fertilizers. Christianson is a full service supplier — from design and in-house manufacturing to installation and training at the customer's site.

   Christianson serves the marine port market under the following four product lines:

Product lineTypefree(in tonnes per hour)
SuperTowerFanlessX200 to 600
SuperPortableFanlessX200 to 300
HandlairFanlessX30 to 200
Vac-U-VatorFan-typeX100 to 190

   Christianson shipunloaders are installed in more than 90 countries worldwide, including recent SuperTower installations at Cargill, U.S.; P.T. Citra Flour Mills, Indonesia; and Republic Flour Mills, the Philippines.

Schlagel, Inc.

   491 N. Emerson

   Cambridge, Minnesota 55008 U.S.

   Tel: (612) 689-5991; (800) 328-8002

   Fax: (612) 689-5310

   Schlagel, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1957 in the design and manufacture of grain handling equipment. Its pioneering efforts have brought innovation to the industry's handling methods through enhancements to equipment design and increased machine capabilities/capacities.

   A knowledgeable, experienced staff works with qualified contractors or design firm representatives to ensure proper utilization of equipment, matching design and capacity to each application. Computerized estimating provides prompt, accurate quotes.

   With advances in technology, Schlagel's methods of production have also changed. Computer-assisted engineering, precision laser cutting and CNC factory production have increased product quality. Also, continuous quality seminars and training programs provide on-going insight to further increase plant efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

   Innovation, experience and commitment have made Schlagel a leader in the production of grain handling equipment for nearly 40 years.

Prince Rupert Port Corporation

   110 - 3rd Avenue West

   P.O. Box 11215

   Spokane, Washington 99211-1215 U.S.

   Tel: (509) 535-1571

   Fax: (509) 535-9130

   Canada's closest marine gateway to Asian markets, the Port of Prince Rupert also has Canada's most modern and efficient grain terminal and a separate facility for specialty crops.

   Located at 54° North on Canada's west coast, Prince Rupert is ice-free all year and closer to Asian destinations than its nearest rival port by 30 hours sailing time. Through Canadian National Railways, the port has excellent rail transportation links with the North American continent. The shortest sea-rail route to Yokohama from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. (11,734 kilometers), is through Prince Rupert.

   The Prince Rupert Grain Ltd. Terminal is capable of processing more than 5 million tonnes of grain annually — and with room for expanded capacity. The terminal ships two primary commodities, wheat and barley, as well as process byproducts such as grain screening pellets, feed screenings, mixed feed oats and associated commodities. Grain ships usually berth on arrival, quickly load grain through three tower-mounted spouts at a rate of 4,000 tonnes per hour and are soon back at sea bound for Asian markets.

   The port's Fairview Terminal handles special crops such as barley malt, canola meal and various feeds. Improvement are now being made to increase rail car unloading rates. Storage is being added to satisfy the needs of individual exporters.

   Prince Rupert has traditionally handled grain from westernCanadian provinces, but it could be cost-effective for U.S. grain and products.

Scafco Corporation

   6212 East Main Avenue

   P.O. Box 11215

   Spokane, Washington 99211-1215 U.S.

   Tel: (509) 535-1571

   Fax: (509) 535-9130

   Scafco Corporation began manufacturing corrugated galvanized steel silos in 1961, producing silos with capacities ranging from 3 tonnes to more than 16,000 tonnes and hopper bottom silo capacities ranging from 4 tonnes to several hundred tonnes. A full range of accessories; aeration equipment; and grain handling equipment, including bucket elevators, drag conveyors, screw conveyors and tube augers that are integral components of its systems, are supplied by Scafco. Scafco silos have been engineered for quality, quick assembly on site and simplicity of operation. Stiffened silos ranging from 5.49 meters to 32 meters in diameter and non-stiffened silos ranging from 4.27 to 14.63 meters in diameter, for both commercial and farm storage, are also manufactured. Scafco's plant and corporate offices are located in Spokane, Washington U.S., with 5,400 square meters of modern manufacturing capabilities.

   Scafco's unique combination of unsurpassed design, high degree of engineering expertise, proper equipment selection, manufacturing and customer service after the sale has made Scafco a worldwide leader in providing grain storage systems.

   Individual silos and storage projects delivered in some 40 countries are storing wheat, maize, soybeans, barley, pulses, rice, sunflowers, palm kernels, and other free flowing products. Scafco's success has been achieved because of dedicated customer service and design staff, qualified manufacturing people and all the necessary tools for efficient production.

The GSI Group, Inc.

   1004 E. Illinois Street

   Assumption, Illinois 62510 U.S.

   North American Tel: (217) 226-4421

   North American Fax: (217) 226-4420


   International Tel: (217) 226-4401

   International Fax: (217) 226-3404



   The GSI Group, Inc. is a world class manufacturer, with its headquarters located in the American maize belt, Assumption, Illinois, U.S. GSI has the distinction of being the market shareholder and leading manufacturer of galvanized grain storage bins in the world. Sales are conducted through a dealer network consisting of knowledgeable representatives throughout the world with the utmost in business ethic. Due to aggressive leadership and the awareness of the international market, 1982 brought about the expansion of GSI's international trade. Today GSI storage and drying product lines are marketed internationally under the trade name “GSI International,” which exports to more than 70 countries around the world. GSI is led by Gene Wiseman, president. GSI International is spearheaded by David Vettel, president. Gene, David and their expert staff of engineers, customer service representatives, sales coordinators and district managers are ready and willing to assist you with your grain storage and drying needs.

   GSI offers more than 1,000 models of grain silos with sizes up to 32 meters in diameter and capacities exceeding 16,800 tonnes. A complete grain drying and conditioning product line is available also. More than 60 models of computer controlled portable dryers are available with drying capacities up to 112 tonnes per hour. For commercial drying, GSI introduces the GSI Tower Dryer with exceptional drying power up to 182 tonnes.

   GSI offers a complete system from bins to drying equipment to legs, conveyors and all accessories to give you an efficient, profitable grain storage and handling operation. GSI has supplied complete systems to flour, feed and rice mills, grain terminals and elevators, as well as row crop farmers. GSI has seven manufacturing facilities with nearly 90,000 square meters under roof. Because of its fabrication of steel components, GSI is one of the largest galvanized steel buyers in the U.S.

   GSI's goal is “‘Provide our customers with awesome service and products in order to grow our company to be the world leader using a best cost producer strategy.”

Beall Degerminator Co.

   P.O. Box 81

   1000 E. Locust Street

   Decatur, Illinois 62525 U.S.

   Tel: (217) 429-9150

   Fax:(217) 429-5149



   The Beall degerminator is a versatile machine. It can be operated from low capacity to higher capacities, depending on the operator's requirements and product desired. The degerminator is generally gravity fed from a hopper, with hulls, germ and fines discharged through the perforated plates in the outer casing and grits discharged through the weighted gate at the rear.

   By adjusting the clearance between the roll and the outer casing, a coarser or finer product can be obtained. The addition of a shroud built around the casing contains the product coming through the perforated plates, and a chute catches the grits. The material coming through the perforated plates is usually segregated by the use of an aspirator, and the grits are screened to size, with the larger pieces placed back in the inlet hopper and cycled back through the degerminator.

   Installations by Beall include locations throughout the United States and nearly every country in the world. With a manufacturing plant and total production capabilities at Decatur, you are served by experienced professionals.

HSI Systems, Inc.

   2230 Brush College Road

   Decatur, Illinois 62526 U.S.

   Tel: (217) 423-6001; (800) 637-1567 in U.S.

   Fax: (217) 423-6565

    HSI Systems has been the premier leader in bulk material handling since 1947. HSI offers a diverse product line, precise engineering and top quality products to a widespread market, both overseas and domestic. Many U.S. companies such as Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill Inc., Caterpillar and A.E. Staley consistently rely on HSI Systems for quality equipment, durability and flexibility.

   HSI Systems' dedication to continually improve the equipment you use is evident in our line of bucket elevators. Whether you are looking for an industrial leg with chain and cast buckets or a conventional belt with polyethylene buckets, HSI knows we can meet your specific needs.

   Our full line of bulk handling conveyors, including En Masse, chain drag, belt and screw, is designed to reduce downtime and work-related injuries. HSI Systems' full line of distributors allows for easy adaptability to any standard or customized needs.

   HSI fittings complete your bulk material handling system. Gates, valves, elbows and telescoping/swiveling loading spouts are specifically designed to integrate various components in your plant. Our bulk material handling expertise can streamline your production, reduce hazards and improve profitability. Your needs become our needs as HSI provides complete service — before, during and after the sale. We're in tune to individual and industry expectations. Call HSI Systems direct to find out more information.

Butler Manufacturing Co.

   Grain Systems Division

   7400 East 13th Street

   Kansas City, Missouri 64126 U.S.

   Tel: (816) 968-6101

   Fax: (816) 968-6272

   Telex: 6841105 AGBMCUW

   Butler Manufacturing Co., the oldest and largest U.S. based manufacturing company that produces corrugated galvanized grain storage bins (silos), began operations in 1901 and is the world's best known name in grain storage systems.

   The first Butler grain bin was manufactured in 1907, and Butler has been serving the commercial and on-farm grain storage needs of the grain industry for more than 85 years.

   Individual grain bins with capacities of 17,000 tonnes or more have been field proven at various installations the world over. When you are looking for a quality supplier of all your grain storage systems needs, look to Butler!

Buhler, Inc.

   P.O. Box 9497

   1100 Xenium Lane

   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440-9497 U.S.

   Tel: (612) 545-1401

   Fax: (612) 540-9246

   Buhler's headquarters is in Switzerland. Buhler maintains an international network of offices and affiliated companies in practically every country of the world, employing a total of 6,500 people worldwide.

   For more than 65 years, Buhler has been represented in the United States. With a U.S. office in Minneapolis, Minnesota (employing approximately 250 to 300 persons); a Canadian office in Toronto, Ontario; and a Mexican office in Toluca, Buhler North America is on the move, designing and constructing plant and equipment for many different segments of the food and non-food industry.

   The Buhler group's Milling Division, with its worldwide presence, provides all services required by the flour milling industry, such as

   • wheat, durum, maize and rye milling;

   • storage and handling of finished products;

   • bagging and loading;

   • heat treatment of flour, bran and germ;

   • ready mix plants for flour products; and

   • bread and bakery goods production.

   Keys to Buhler's success are specialized sales engineers who have undergone an intensive training in the field of grain milling. These specialists keep abreast of up-to-date technology, such as the latest developments made for grain cleaning, tempering and the new milling system.

   The Buhler Milling Division renews its extensive know-how constantly through comprehensive research and development. Complete plant designs and experiences gained in any part of the world can be made available to our engineers in an instant by means of electronic data transfer. Substantial savings of power consumption, maintenance and building volume have been achieved, in addition to a constantly high plant performance. This globally accumulated expert knowledge is at the disposal of the milling industry. The familiarity with local conditions ensures that the process plants are tailored to the specific materials involved.

   After-sales service, installation and start-up support, as well as training of plant personnel to maintain the machinery, are also provided. Service calls are also handled on a day-to-day basis. Buhler parts personnel maintain customer contacts and control inventory in the company's extensive warehouse to provide and supply standard parts from stock for Buhler-delivered equipment.

Chore-Time Brock

   P.O. Box 2000

   State Road 15 North

   Milford, Indiana 46542-2000 U.S.

   Tel: (219) 658-9323

   Fax: (219) 658-3471



   Commercial elevators looking for the lowest cost per tonne frequently want larger storage silos. Companies planning to implement identity-preserved grain storage require smaller, easier-to-manage storage silos. These are a few of the reasons why Chore-Time Brock recently introduced new 32-meter diameter and 16-meter diameter silo sizes to its Brock line of on-farm and commercial grain storage silos.

   “Product leadership and customer service are high priorities for Chore-Time Brock,” according to John Haugh, vice-president of international sales. “Adding these silos to our line is another example of the product leadership role Chore-Time Brock holds in developing and marketing storage silos and accessories. We are continually seeking a means of making a product that helps both producers and commercial elevators dry and store grains more efficiently.”

   The company's on-farm and commercial grain silo product line now features more than 600 models of various grain storage silos from 2.7 to 32 meters in diameter. Capacities for the silo product line range from 14 to 19,600 cubic meters and include both flat-bottom as well as hopper-bottom models.

   The new Brock 32-meter silos range from 7,400 to 19,600 cubic meters in capacity with a roof peak capacity of 6,800 kilograms. The 16-meter diameter silos range from 1,600 to 5,600 cubic meters with a 2,700 kilogram roof peak capacity. Both feature a flat roof-top work area and a five-year warranty.

   Popular options for Brock's commercial silos include the company's patented two-ring Latch-Lock Walk-Through Access Door System and a Drive-Through Access Door designed to ease silo clean-out. Brock's LATCH-LOCK Walk-Through Doors are strong enough to be placed in the bottom two rings of any of Brock's commercial grain silos. Brock's Drive-Through Door is large enough to permit the use of a front-end loader.

   Founded in1957, the Brock division this year celebrates its 40th year of designing and manufacturing innovative, top-quality storage products.

Dantec Electronics Limited

   495 Dotzert Court

   Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

   Tel: (519) 885-4301, (800) 363-7717

   Fax: (519) 885-4300


   Dantec Electronics Ltd.'s innovative Dryer Master computerized drying controls are the industry leader in grain drying control.

   Dryer Master systems combine on-line moisture measurement with advanced process control to take the guesswork out of drying grain. By automatically calculating and adjusting for changes in incoming moistures and drying conditions, a Dryer Master system dries grain more consistently and closer to the operator's target moisture level. This frees up operator time, reduces expensive overdrying and improves overall drying performance.

   Dryer Master systems can improve the drying performance of a full range of continuous flow grain dryers drying maize, rice, wheat, soybeans and more. They can be installed on new or existing dryers and can be integrated into plant wide systems.

Great Western Manufacturing

   P.O. Box 149, 2017 S. 4th St.

   Leavenworth, Kansas 66048 U.S.

   Tel: (913) 682-2291

   Fax:(913) 682-1431


   Great Western is North America's leading manufacturer of sifters used in the cereal milling industry. These include the Model HS free-swinging sifters and the single section Tru-Balance.

   The HS sifter is available from two to eight sections in three sieve sizes. Net sifting area is from 0.242 to 0.474 square meters per sieve. The Tru-Balance is available in either an enclosed box type unit or a boxless version with nest together sieves and lift out screen frames. Net area is up to 0.836 square meters per sieve.

   Great Western also offers the In-Line Tru-Balance sifter that can be directly inserted in a positive pressure conveying line for removal of a small percentage of oversize material.

   Great Western sifters are known for their highly reliable drives, which provide years of dependable operation, and for their quality of craftsmanship. The sifters are individually engineered for each rise.

Behlen Mfg. Co.

   Highway 30 East, P.O. Box 569

   Columbus, Nebraska 68602-0569 U.S.

   Tel: (402) 564-3111

   Fax: (402) 563-7405

   Behlen Mfg. Co., established in 1936, manufactures silos, grain dryers and metal building systems to meet rigid quality standards. Products include steel silos of up to 19,000 tonnes in capacity and hopper bins up to 1,450 tonnes. “Berico” commercial dryers can be custom-designed for grain, oilseeds or rice up to 140 tonnes per hour. Behlen also is a manufacturer of a wide choice of flat storage buildings, including a full line of commercial/industrial building systems. Behlen's design capabilities combine with manufacturing expertise to assure quality leading products.

   Behlen is an experienced worldwide supplier with more than 60 years of experience. Products are in use in more than 50 countries. The global needs for technology and products continue to be a growing entity and an important market for Behlen Mfg. Co.

H.R. Williams Mill Supply, Inc.

   4221 N.E. 34th St.

   Kansas City, Missouri 64117 U.S.

   Tel: (816) 452-1520

   Fax: (816) 452-2183

   Since 1905, H.R. Williams Mill Supply Inc. has been a key supplier of quality products to the dry milling industry. The sifting requirements of U.S. and Canadian millers demand the highest quality media in both synthetic and wire. H.R. Williams is proud of its affiliation with Swiss weavers fully certified under ISO 9000 Quality Standards.

   In addition, the company offers the highest standards in workmanship in the fabrication of filter bags and connecting sleeves, as well as a full inventory of mill supplies and sieve repair parts.

   H.R. Williams is proud of its 91 years of quick and reliable service to its valued customers and invites you to call and discuss your mill supply needs with its knowledgeable sales staff.

The Essmueller Co.

   334 Avenue A, Airbase

   P.O. Box 1966

   Laurel, Mississippi 39441 U.S.

   Tel: (800) 325-7175

   Fax: (601) 649-4320

   The Essmueller Company is a bulk handling equipment manufacturer established in 1878. We have developed in the past 119 years a reputation of manufacturing equipment of uncompromising quality at competitive industry prices. Our product line includes both round and flat bottom conveying equipment, distributors and elevators. Our conveying equipment, working with the elevators and turnhead distributors, are designed to move mass quantities through a milling and/or storage system from the truck dump through the system to the loading site. Our equipment provides a peerless execution of whatever job it is designed to do. We design and manufacture to meet the needs of the customer. We also are in the constant process of modifying our equipment to adapt to the ever changing industry demands with our up-and-coming Research and Development Department.

   We have equipment in operation world-wide in such locations as the Pacific Rim, Central and South America and throughout the North American continent. We provide for customers ranging in size from local co-operatives to the internationally known feed producers of the world. The Essmueller Company strives to provide high quality sales and prompt after-sale service.

   Our Engineering Department uses the Hewlett Packard ME-10 System to provide drawings quickly to our customers for their approval. With approval, we begin manufacturing in our 10,350-square meter facility located in Laurel, Missisippi. We employ 130 highly skilled workers with quality as a top priority. Quality control is in place throughout the manufacturing process to insure we provide consistent and dependable equipment for our customers. We also provide spare parts for our equipment and are able to get them to the job site promptly to limit the amount of down time to a minimum.

   The Essmueller Company is family owned and as a result provides a family-like work environment for our employees. We try to extend this atmosphere to you, the customer, to insure satisfaction before and after the sale.

Formet, S.A. de C.V.

   A.P. 336

   San Nicolas de Los Garza N.L. Mexico 66480

   Tel: 52 8 350-4068

   52 8 350-4161

   Fax: 52 8 350-4043



   Customers now can contact Formet 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world through the company's Website, The Website contains information about the company, its services and products, and with the site's interactive feature, you can request more detailed information on particular pro-ducts or ask to be contacted by a Formet agent near you.

   Formet has 60 years of experience in galvanized steel and provides complete corrugated steel grain storage systems, including accessories such as ladders and stiffeners. Formet silos are available in three models, consisting of structural models, with capacities of up to 10,000 tonnes; standard models, with capacities of up to 1,500 tonnes; and hopper silos, with capacities of up to 800 tonnes.

   All Formet silos are fabricated with high tensile steel at pressures of 50,000 psi and are hot dip galvanized at a rate of 622 grams per square centimeter. Formet's manufacturing process is completely integrated, with steel plates fabricated into rolls then into corrugated sheets.

Intersystems, Inc.

   13330 “I” St.

   Omaha, Nebraska 68137 U.S.

   Tel: (402) 330-1500

   Fax: (402) 330-3350

   InterSystems, Inc., manufactures products and systems for conveying, elevating, sampling and bulk weighing for the material handling and processing industries. Screeners, probes and dust suppression systems also are available.

   Rugged and flexible conveying systems are available from 30 to 1,800 cubic meters per hour (cmh) and can be inclined to 60°. Options include reversible units, bend sections, divided-flow inlets, intermediate discharge gates and a wide variety of housing and A.R.S. liner options.

   Elevator capacities are from 30 to 1,800 cmh. Options include ladder/cage/platform systems, support towers, trussing, motion and alignment sensors and various drives, belt and cup styles.

   InterSystems has led the industry for more than 30 years with the largest number of sampling models and the most innovations and experience. Samplers are available for belt end, mid-belt, gravity chutes, bin wall, auger bottom, pneumatic lines (up/down/side flow) and more.

   Factory assembled bulk weighing systems are available from 30 to 3,000 cmh and are prewired, preplumbed and preconfigured.

   InterSystems produces patented gravity-flow internal proportional by-pass screeners for removing fines. Probes can be configured for a large variety of products and site applications. Samples gathered provide highly accurate and repeatable results for moisture, size and material control testing.

   Cost effective dust suppression systems provide accurate control of dust suppression fluids in both manual and automatic modes.

   InterSystems has two manufacturing facilities that use a variety of precision, state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled machinery. This equipment, when used in conjunction with the CAD/CAM system, provides highly accurate tolerances in the production cycle. The result is a quality product for the end user, built to exacting standards that will provide consistent and dependable service.

Sangati-America, Inc.

   2955 Fairfax Trafficway

   Kansas City, Kansas 66115 U.S.

   Tel: (913) 621-6466

   Fax: (913) 621-1729

   Sangati-America, Inc. is a Kansas City-based wholly owned subsidiary of the Berga/Sangati group, Padova, Italy. The company's activities cover North America, the Caribbean and Central America. Recently completed projects include a 150 tonne low profile swing mill for both hard and soft wheat flours for Dover Mills, Halifax, Nova Scotia; a 650 tonne hard wheat mill for the ADM Milling Company, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania (in progress); and a 1,200 tonne milling complex comprising both hard wheat and durum semolina production for the Amber Milling Company, part of Harvest States, Inc., in eastern Pennsylvania (in progress).

   Sangati also has undertaken a considerable number of plant renovations in North America, particularly in the area of mill flows requiring the introduction of Sangati's PS 50 Puri Swing purifier, which has had broad market acceptance with 200 machines now in operation.

   During the recent Association of Operative Millers conference and trade show, Sangati released its latest purifier, namely the Big Swing 75. This unit is designed to provide the optimum flexibility in machine selection to allow accurate flow diagram design for a variety of milling applications. Each purifier's sieve shoe is individually driven and can be operated as a conventional purifier with two sieving sections having a sieve width of 76 cm. However, these modules can be separated to operate as individual units or can be combined with a 51-cm machine as dictated by mill flow requirements.

   In the Dover Mills project, Sangati installed the first of its Super G plansifters in North America. The customer is extremely satisfied with the operation and efficiency of these units. Further installations will take place comprising some 10 machines in the Amber Milling project.

   Ben J. Ross, general manager of the Sangati-America office, said “We are very pleased with our progress in the North American market, and as a relative newcomer to this market, we expect to build our reputation slowly by supplying machine installations of various types to the industry. As the industry recognizes the fact that we have quality equipment supported by experienced people, the larger installations will follow. We look on the market on the long term perspective to build our presence, and we are well on our way to achieving this.”


   313 Pleasant Street

   Watertown, Massachusetts 02172 U.S.

   Tel: (617) 926-7045; (800) 338-4381

   Fax: (617) 923-8055

   VICAM products are used with confidence worldwide. VICAM develops and manufactures rapid mycotoxin and microbiological testing systems for the food and feed industries. VICAM's tests include AflaTest, AflaScreen, DONtest, FumoniTest, OchraTest, ZearalaTest, ListerTest, Salmonella Screen/Verify and SE Screen/Verify. Each of our tests provides important advantages: speed, sensitivity, ease-of-use, accuracy and safety. VICAM's commitment to developing innovative and useful tests is matched by our dedication to quality.

Comptrol Computer Control, Inc.

   5640 Tomken Rd., Unit 4

   Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 1P4

   Tel: (905) 238-5957

   Fax:(905) 238-5959

   Some companies start with clever innovations and try to solve the customers' problems. At Comptrol, they start by asking the customer about his unique needs, problems and opportunities. As the saying goes — “understanding the problem is half the battle” — innovating the other half is simple.

   This philosophy has been directly responsible for Comptrol's success over the past 14 years — the result, Comptrol is now an industry leader in supplying weighing and flow control solutions to the milling industry.

   Comptrol is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures a complete line of innovative in-process scales; flow control scales/feeders; bulk load-out and receiving scales; production control and yield management systems; and wheat/flour blending control systems for the various grain processing industries, including wheat, rice, maize and oats.

   All products are designed to be easy to install and operate to minimize downtime, help millers maximize the performance and profits of their mills and to give the customer a more comprehensive view of “what exactly is going on” in his process at any given time.

   For the second year, Comptrol is offering to the North American market a complete line of bag filling and palletizing solutions.

   Comptrol has the technical expertise to supply customers with their own equipment or to retrofit the customers' existing set-up. When Comptrol's interface products are included to link the scales and yield management to a programmable logic controller, a truly integrated mill is the result. Scales and automation systems for the flour milling industry have always been and will continue to be the foundation of Comptrol's success.

Midland Fumigant Company, Inc.

   1805 S. Second Street

   Leavenworth, Kansas 66048 U.S.

   Tel: (913) 651-3900

   Fax: (913) 651-3059

   For more than 20 years, Midland Fumigant has been supplying the grain industry with protection of its products and its personnel. Grain protection offered by Midland Fumigant comprises a variety of products and systems proven to be effective in grain storage, handling and processing applications.

   Grain protection services and products include FUMIPHOS 60% (aluminum phosphide), which comes in pellets, tablets and bags; Tempo 2 EC and Tempo 20 WP; Reldan, Atellic and Malathion; pellet machines; Total Air Recirculation Systems (T.A.R.S.); and custom fumigation work.

   Personnel protection includes safety training for handling fumigants; top quality safety equipment from M.S.A. and Drager, such as gas masks, canisters, dust masks and monitoring equipment; training on the proper use of safety equipment; and continuing education classes.

   Midland Fumigant is an American-owned and operated company. Our FUMIPHOS 60% aluminum phosphide is the only American-owned product of its kind to be registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We will continue to work hard to supply the grain industry with the best in products and service. Contact us for your grain needs.

Chief Industries, Inc.

   U.S.: Kearney Industrial Park

   P.O. Box 848

   Kearney, Nebraska 68848

   Tel: (308) 237-3186

   Fax: (308) 237-2650


   RR #1, Suite #1, Box 6301

   York, Nebraska 68467 U.S.

   Tel: (402) 362-7401

   Fax: (402) 363-7444

   Chief Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing grain storage systems for more than 35 years, producing superior quality grain silos that are designed to meet customer needs. Chief silos always have incorporated design features that competitors have begun using only recently in their products. These Chief features include outside wall stiffeners; wide corrugation sidewall sheets, which greatly facilitate grain flow, eliminate grain hanging and offer superior vertical loading resistance for our silos; and structural roof framing systems in all our commercial bins that offer superior rigidity and roof load resistance.

   Through our Caldwell manufacturing product line, Chief Industries offers a full line of highly efficient grain conditioning equipment and accessories and grain handling equipment, such as bucket elevators and drag conveyors. This makes us one of the world's largest suppliers of complete grain storage and handling systems. Because we are the original manufacturer of all main equipment in a storage facility, we can offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry for both the equipment and the systems designed by our engineers.

   The highly skilled engineering staff of Chief Industries can design any type of storage system to suit the specific needs of the customer. Our approach to system design is completely individualized, taking into account the requirements and needs of each customer.

   Chief Industries is the answer to all grain storage, handling and conditioning needs one may have. With extensive engineering and manufacturing facilities, we can provide the best products and services to our customers at prices that are hard to beat.


   225 Rock Industrial Park Drive

   P.O. Box 867

   St. Louis, Missouri 63044 U.S.

   Tel: (314) 739-9191; (800) AT-TAPCO

   Fax: (314) 739-5880

   Telex: 43-4106

   Tapco, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of elevator buckets in North America. Located on two hectares of company-owned property, Tapco serves the grain, feed, flour and agricultural industry worldwide. The company has distributors in more than 30 countries and maintains inventories in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia. Our dedication to service and customer satisfaction is unparalleled.

   Products for the agricultural market include 41 sizes of injection-molded style CC-HD buckets. Fabricated steel buckets also are available. Other products include elevator bolts, abrasion resistant sheeting, hanger bearing inserts and drag flights. If your company has bucket elevators, we have buckets for you.


   450 Desautels, P.O. Box 792

   Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2N5

   Tel: (204) 233-7133

   Fax: (204) 235-0796



   For 90 years, Westeel products and technology have served the agricultural industry. We specialize in products for grain storage and conditioning, serving domestic and international markets. We were among the first to introduce the steel sided grain bin back in the 1920s and the first North American bin manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 certification in the 1990s. Along the way we developed a reputation for innovation, smart engineering and quality across our entire product line. It's a reputation we're proud to uphold.

   At Westeel we make a wide variety of storage products for an equally wide variety of applications. If you need agricultural or industrial storage, chances are we manufacture a product that meets your needs.

   More than 300,000 silos have been produced in the past 20 years, and our state-of-the-art design solutions now represent the standard for on-farm storage in Canada. Westeel engineering and manufacturing expertise has developed easy to assemble silos for farm and commercial uses, available in a wide range of sizes in both flat bottom and hoppered configurations. Our Super-corr line provides mammoth storage (up to 9,500 tonnes) for grain elevators and port facilities.

   Westeel also offers a complete line of aeration systems. Among these is the full floor system, the most efficient natural air drying system available. Ideal for both natural air drying or aeration, this system can be installed on both new and existing bins. Heavy duty galvanized planks ensure uniform air distribution to the entire grain mass.

   The square pit system, an economical alternative to the full floor system, can be used for both aeration and natural air drying. A smooth top surface facilitates unloading and makes cleaning a snap.

   Westeel's hopper cones feature heavy duty construction throughout for worry-free, trouble-free operation. The standard hopper cone includes computerized manufacturing throughout, an extra strong main ring beam, extra large discharge clearance, fast flowing, 35° cone slope and innovative upright support brackets.

   The revolutionary Twin Air hopper cone system dries grain faster and more efficiently than any other existing hopper system. Its features include computerized manufacturing throughout, patented twin bottom cone, fast and easy switching from drying to storage and extra wide discharge opening with easy flow control.

Dickey-john Corporation

   P.O. Box 10

   Auburn, Illinois 62615 U.S.

   Tel: (217) 438-3371

   Fax: (217) 438-6012

   DlCKEY-john Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic controls, monitors, sensors and analysis products utilized in agriculture, food processing and a wide variety of other applications. For more than 30 years, DICKEY-john products have made farming more precise and advanced the accuracy and ease of grain and food analysis.

   Founded in 1966, DICKEY-john's initial product was an electronic seed monitor, the outgrowth of a need to increase the accuracy in counting seeds being planted. At the time, farmers were dependent on visual observation of the planter to assure proper populations. The first units used a mechanical seed sensor, which was then replaced by more accurate electrical sensors.

   In the last 30 years, electronics have been incorporated into more and more products, speeding up and improving the quality of many work processes. During this period, DICKEY-john introduced a variety of products, which helped the company achieve a leadership position in agricultural electronics. Growing from a few employees to more than 400, DICKEY-john's manufacturing capability, technological expertise and varied industry experience have allowed the company to work closely with other firms to identify areas in which DICKEY-john products could be incorporated into a wide variety of equipment. That capability continues today, and is conducted under design and manufacturing practices in accordance with worldwide ISO quality standards. In 1993, DICKEY-john was certified to the ISO 9001 standard, passing several subsequent inspections prior to attaining the higher QS9000 standard in June 1996.

   DICKEY-john manufactures a complete line of analysis equipment designed for both in-field and laboratory analysis of agricultural and industrial products. Products include the Multi-Grain portable grain moisture tester, a hand-held unit providing direct readings for up to 12 of the most-used grains, with conversion charts available for many other grains; the fully automatic GAC2100 grain moisture tester, designed for grain terminals and handling facilities, which need continual testing of moisture levels in incoming grain shipments; the GACIII grain analysis computer, using NIR technology to analyze ground samples of grain and products to determine protein and moisture constituent levels; and the Instalab 600 NIR analyzer, a highly versatile and accurate instrument for measuring moisture, protein, starches, oils and other constituents.

Pestcon Systems, Inc.

   1808 Firestone Parkway

   Wilson, North Carolina 27893-7991 U.S.

   Tel: (919) 237-7923; (800) 548-2778

   Fax: (919) 243-1832

   Pestcon Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the state of California on Dec. 2, 1936. In the company's initial activities, it helped pioneer the home pest control business under the name Hollywood Termite Control.

   To reflect diversification and expansion into agricultural chemicals, the company was later known as Phostoxin Sales, Inc. from 1972 until early in 1981. That corporate name was officially changed to Pestcon Systems, Inc. on March 1, 1982. The following year, Sunzon International, Inc. was developed to market our aluminum phosphide products worldwide.

   Officers and key personnel for Pestcon Systems, Inc. are:

• Vice-president, SalesGeorge Hunt

• Director, Commercial ServicesKeith Hamm

• Director, Environmental and Regulatory AffairsBetty Lilyquist

   For Sunzon International, Inc., Betty Lillyquist is vice-president.

   Pestcon's and Sunzon's principal business is the distribution and sale of Fumitoxin aluminum phosphide fumigant worldwide. Fumitoxin is used to fumigate grain bins, silos, vessels, warehouses, rail cars, mills and processing plants and tarp-covered storages. It is also approved for control of most ground-burrowing rodents. Pestcon also provides significant application of aluminum phosphide and other specialized agricultural chemicals. Additionally, the company sells respiratory devices, gas detection equipment, grain protectant insecticides, insect monitoring systems and rodenticides.

Tandem Products, Inc.

   3444 Dight Ave. South

   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406 U.S.

   Tel: (612) 721-2911; (800) 533-0509

   Fax: (612) 721-1009

   The first Rhino Hyde product was commercialized in 1965. The original Rhino Hyde elastomer sheets were developed to line the equipment of grain and feed companies to prevent equipment from wearing out through the effects of abrasion. All subsequent Rhino Hyde products were developed working directly with customers to solve other materials handling problems. The products developed include

   • Reli-A-Sense Level Sensors: the only sensor that can be installed directly within the stream of an abrasive product.

   • Everwear Elevator Buckets: guaranteed to last as long as the belt to which they are attached.

   • Cerathane Ceramic Elbows: ceramic lined elbows stand up to the abrasion of pneumatically conveyed materials.

   • Uramic Panels: uramic is a combination of ceramic tile imbedded in Rhino Hyde urethane elastomer. The urethane elastomer prevents the ceramic tile from breaking by absorbing energy of impact. It achieves the best properties of ceramic tile and urethane combined.

   • Rhinox Trowellable Ceramic: Rhinox contains approximately 87% ceramic and is used to line irregular surfaces with a very abrasion-resistant lining.

   Rhino Hyde Polyurethane Elastomer is manufactured in Tandem's 5,850-square-meter plant in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. The product is shipped in containers to all parts of the world.

   A key to the success of the Rhino Hyde brand name is our ability to formulate urethane elastomers from basic raw materials to meet the specific requirements demanded of the specific end use applications.

   Tandem Products also manufactures the deep bin Probe-A-Vac system and the Sample Conveying Power Unit. Both of these products are designed for the grain and feed industry. The Probe-A-Vac can take a sample from the bottom of a silo more than 30 meters tall. It is a hand-held unit. The material being sampled does not have to be removed from the bin in order to sample 30 meters down. The Sample Conveying Power Unit conveys a sample from its source to the testing laboratory without degrading the grain product being conveyed.

   Tandem Products also manufactures Tenderfoot, an animal-friendly flooring product designed for use in the livestock industry, primarily in the intensive farming of pigs.