North American Tech Outlook: Westeel

by Stormy Wylie
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As Canada's leading manufacturer of agricultural storage products, Westeel, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offers a wide range of on-farm and commercial storage solutions for today's agriculture industry.

The company is based in Western Canada where it maintains five production facilities and exports its products to agricultural markets across North America and around the world to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Central and South America. Its application of the latest technology in its manufacturing process and its commitment to innovative research and development has kept Westeel at the forefront of the steel products manufacturing industry for more than 90 years. Westeel is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.

Westeel's specialty is grain storage and conditioning, and its yellow top series of grain bins has become world renowned. In the past 15 years, no fewer than 250,000 agricultural storage bins have been produced by Westeel, ranging in size from approximately 27 tonnes to more than 12,700 tonnes.

Its Wide-Corr series was first introduced in 1982 and has since proven to be the bin of choice for those seeking a state-of-the-art storage solution. It comes in a wide range of on-farm and commercial sizes and is available in both flat-bottom and hopper configurations.

Westeel's Super-Corr series is specially designed for application at grain elevators and port facilities, and features bins capable of storing up to 12,700 tonnes of grain.

For specialized purposes, Westeel also supplies bulk feed tanks and hoppered bins for wet holding, seed and fertilizer.