North American Tech Outlook: Vicam, L.P.

by Emily Wilson
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Vicam products are used with confidence and in confidence around the world. Historically, Vicam has developed and manufactured rapid mycotoxin and microbiological testing systems for the food and feed industries. In doing so, Vicam has established itself as the industry leader in rapid mycotoxin testing. Recently, Vicam began manufacturing food quality tests in addition to its line of food safety tests. WheatRite™, a rapid test for the precise detection of sprout damage and amylase activity, is the first of Vicam's new line of food quality tests.

Because sprouted wheat causes increased amylase activity and potential quality issues for the flour mill and bakery, WheatRite was developed to measure amylase activity in wheat. WheatRite uses lateral flow technology to detect amylase activity and displays results in traditional Falling Number1 values. The simplicity and speed of WheatRite facilitates testing in the field, processing plant or mill. The test takes less than 10 minutes and requires no special skills. Results are obtained by visual comparison or optical card reader. With its long shelf life and versatility, no other test compares to WheatRite for cleanliness, ease and economy.

In addition to WheatRite, Vicam also offers rapid detection kits for aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, fumonism, ochratoxin, T-2, zearalanone, as well as microbiological tests for listeria, salmonella and salmonella enteritidis (SE). Each test provides important advantages: speed, sensitivity, ease of use, accuracy and safety. Vicam's commitment to developing innovative and useful tests is matched by its dedication to quality. Its products are protected by worldwide patents and trademarks.