North American Tech Outlook: The Rolfes Co.

by Stormy Wylie
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For more than 40 years, the Rolfes name has been synonymous with temperature detection. Hotspot, a Rolfes trademark, is the most recognized name in the temperature monitoring of grains, feeds, bulk commodities, bearings, belt alignment and belt slippage.

Rolfes continues to be the leader in temperature detection through acquisitions of the most well-known companies and products, such as Zeleney, Burdick, HotSpot, PerTech, Grain Tec, George A. Rolfes and IICS.

Additionally, Rolfes has developed a number of new products and services that expand our capabilities and enforce our commitment to contributing to the industries we serve, including continuous level monitoring, equipment integration and plant automation and aeration.

Most products are compatible with the "Rolfes Data Highway," which affords our customers the ability to continuously monitor the temperature of stored inventory, bearings, motors and motion zero speed (belt slippage) simultaneously and access data from any PC.

Rolfes has earned the reputation of being a "one-stop shop." Every component associated with Rolfes' products is manufactured, assembled, rigidly tested, installed and serviced by Rolfes personnel. Its products include temperature cables, leadwire, heat sensors for bearings and motors, grain temperature monitoring systems, hazard monitoring systems and motion monitoring systems.