North American Tech Outlook: The Boone Group, Inc.

by Emily Wilson
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A world leader in aeration, dust control, temperature detection and hazard monitoring, The Boone Group, Boone, Iowa, U.S., takes ideas from conception, design, manufacturing and installation to after-sale service.

The Boone Group was formed in 1994 with three goals in mind: to maintain an experienced, knowledgeable staff; to ensure the highest-quality products; and to provide outstanding service.

The Boone Group is a complete turnkey company that helps with all installations except electrical hook-ups. Before shipment, all orders are checked for quality and working condition. The company specializes in belt alignment, bearing hazard detection and motion detection to ensure against facility downtime, and distributes bulk temperature cable, leadwire, control wire and aeration control systems. Products are manufactured to fit a customer's specific needs.

The new model BTA bearing temperature, belt alignment and motion detection system from The Boone Group features a bright, clear display that shows location, temperature and alarm set points, which are selected by the operator. The system's capacity of 256 bearing and belt sensors — in probe or surface style, half-moon or round disk — will complete a full scan in 160 seconds. For smaller systems, eight sensors will be scanned every five seconds. Shielded thermocouple wire is used on all new systems. The BTA can incorporate up to eight under-speed and over-speed motion sensors by using the BTA Auxillary Motion Module. Readings can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and data can be downloaded to a printer or computer. An automatic, internal system check ensures reliability.