North American Tech Outlook: Strategic Diagnostics

by Emily Wilson
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Strategic Diagnostics, Inc. (SDI), a world leader in GMO and identity preservation testing, offers the largest, most complete line of rapid analytical test systems for addressing all your food safety testing needs.

SDI’s TraitCheck is a simple lateral flow test strip for field screening of GMOs with results obtained in 5 to10 minutes. To verify and quantify your field results, SDI’s GMOCheck ELISA test kits provide the quantitative precision and accuracy you require, in hours rather than days or weeks, with detection limits less than 0.1%.

For quick, semi-quantitative results, SDI’s new GMO QuickCheck test kits are designed for rapid, high-volume screening in an ELISA format. Rounding out the line of food safety test kits are the MycoCheck tests, which are available for rapid on-site testing for a variety of mycotoxins at any time in the food processing system, from initial harvest to final food ingredient.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, American Association of Cereal Chemists, E.U. Joint Research Centre and other regulatory agencies have validated many of these products so you are assured of the highest quality analytical method. SDI’s family of test kits gives you the tools you need to analyze samples with ease and assurance, so you can deliver the expected, quality product to your customer.

SDI specializes in the development, manufacture and commercialization of immunoassay tests for food, agricultural, water quality, medical, and industrial chemical industries. Immunoassay technology is a proven technology, providing users with fast, accurate, easy-to-perform, cost-effective tests and requires little space with minimal capital investment. Immunoassays have an outstanding reputation in medical diagnostics for over 30 years. Test and be sure.

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