North American Tech Outlook: Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.

by Emily Wilson
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Strategic Diagnostics, Inc. (SDI), Newark, Delaware, U.S., is a biotechnology company dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to analytical testing through immunotechnology. SDI develops, manufactures and markets immunoassay-based test kits for both field testing and laboratory use. These rapid and cost-effective test kits detect a wide variety of substances within the agricultural, water quality and environmental markets. The test kits are used extensively for contaminated waste assessment, water quality management, food labeling and transgenic crop seed production.

Strategic Diagnostics is a leader in the field of immunoassay research and manufacturing, developing products and attributes of immunoassay technology to meet the specific, individual needs of each customer. Features of immunoassay tests include ease-of-use, low cost per test, quantitation and flexibility. In the agricultural market, Strategic Diagnostics's test kits can detect genetically engineered traits in plants as well as diseases of commercial crops.

Through its operating division, Strategic BioSolutions (SBS), the company offers a full complement of antibody products and services. Strategic BioSolutions' ability to produce high quality antibodies is the foundation of its innovative products designed to serve the growing and changing market of agricultural testing. SDI is applying this extensive technical expertise to the agricultural industry for crop disease management.

As this market continues to expand and evolve, SDI is committed to providing the necessary tools and services to serve this marketplace, offering new products and services to effectively solve customers' current and future analytical problems.