North American Tech Outlook: Sefar America, H.R. Williams Div.

by Emily Wilson
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The name Sefar America, H.R. Williams Division, has been associated with flour milling for nearly 100 years. Since that time, Sefar America has been a one-stop shop for wire and synthetic fabrics, bags and sleeves, sundries and equipment.

Sefar America has always been the industry’s number one supplier and problem solver. Millers around the world benefit from our constant renewal of product programs, training of external sales, consulting forces and continuous testing of its materials. Sefar’s experience, well-known service and excellent products have paved the way for a close and welcomed relationship among leading flour milling equipment manufacturers.

In a continuing effort to bring value to customers, Sefar America has been testing wire cloth from new sources of supply, with the objective being a more economical product for customers. At Sefar’s headquarters in Switzerland and at the Grain Science Department of Kansas State University at Manhattan, Sefar compared various grades of wire cloth and conducted extensive throughput and consistency tests. Tests on these new fabrics have shown production throughput and consistency in particle size distribution are not negatively impacted in certain applications.

As a result, Sefar America will now offer a quality commercial grade wire cloth in addition to its line of BOPP premium milling grade wire cloth products. The new commercial grade will be an economic option for many millers and will assist in keeping operating costs low. By offering two types of fabric, each miller will now have the opportunity to compare and decide which wire fabric is best for his facility.

Give Sefar the opportunity to prove that we are the leading problem solver in the industry.

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