North American Tech Outlook: Scafco Corp.

by Stormy Wylie
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Scafco Corp. began manufacturing corrugated galvanized steel silos in 1961, producing silos with capacities ranging from 3 to over 16,000 tonnes and over 50 models of high-capacity hopper bottom silos with diameters ranging from 2 meters through 10 meters and capacities ranging from 160 cubic feet (14 cubic meters) to over 35,000 cubic feet (3,250 cubic meters).

Hopper bottom silos feature galvanized steel construction, with a continuous steel support channel at the hopper-to-wall connection on silos 5.5 meters in diameter and larger. Support legs are constructed from wide flange beams; sidewall stiffeners are external and hopper bottoms ranging from 40° through 60° are available.

Scafco has developed a new family of super stiffeners. Utilizing 57-ksi yield (up to 80,000 psi tensile), hot dip galvanized steel, these new shapes surpass the compressive strengths of previous open-face stiffeners. This strong new profile can handle the draw down loads imposed by very tall bins/silos, as well as severe seismic loads. Each bin utilizes several stiffeners gauges and up to three profiles for the most efficient column design.

A full range of accessories, aeration equipment and grain handling equipment, including bucket elevators, drag and screw conveyors and tube augers, all of which are integral components of its system, are available. Scafco silos have been engineered for quality, quick assembly on site and simplicity of operation.

Stiffened silos ranging from 5.49 m to 32 m in diameter, and non-stiffened silos ranging from 4.27 m to 14.63 m in diameter, for both commercial and farm storage, are also manufactured.