North American Tech Outlook: Rotex, Inc.

by Emily Wilson
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Established in 1844, Rotex, Inc. is a global supplier of grain cleaners and other dry screening equipment. Rotex screeners and Megatex high capacity screeners utilize a long-stroke, low-frequency, gyratory screening action; a near-horizontal screening surface; and an efficient ball-mesh cleaning system to deliver highly accurate and productive separation of grain, feed and other dry materials.

The Rotex integrated wheat cleaning system meets both dockage and wheat loss specifications at export and inland terminals. Designed to meet the demand for better wheat cleaning at grain terminals, a single system is capable of cleaning wheat at rates up to 30,000 bph with as low as 0.3 dockage and near zero grain loss. The system combines a Megatex screener with a secondary cleaning system.

Using a precisely tuned motion and covering as much as 50 feet of screen width, the Megatex screener cleans 90% to 95% of the wheat to the required dockage level. The coarse and fines fractions from the Megatex screener contain wheat which is then recovered in a secondary system consisting of a Rotex screener and aspiration or seed cleaning equipment. Because the secondary system processes only a fraction of the wheat flow, it is highly efficient at recovery of good wheat, thus minimizing the loss of wheat even when cleaning to low dockage levels.

Rotex screens are easily adaptable to other commodities, including soybeans and corn with rates up to 50,000 bph and corn up to 30,000 bph.