North American Tech Outlook: Perten Instruments, Inc.

by Emily Wilson
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Perten Instruments, Inc., headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, U.S., provides its customers with up-to-date instrumentation and knowledge for monitoring and quality control of grain, flour and feed.

Recently, the company strengthened its commitment to its customers in several ways. Perten began offering service contracts that help keep customers up-and-running at all time. Perten also strengthened its personnel resources with the addition of Gavin O'Reilly as operations manager. "Gavin has over 10 years of experience selling, servicing and supporting Perten equipment" said Wes Shadow, North American sales and marketing manager. "Gavin really upgrades our knowledge and support base in our primary markets of flour and grain. I expect customers to see immediate upgrades of nearly all aspects of our business."

Additionally, Perten Instruments remains committed to working with industry leaders and organizations within the grain and milling community. In addition to the SKCS 4100, developed in cooperation with the U.S.D.A.-G.M.R.L., Perten is continuing its partnership with researchers within the industry to bring the newest grain analysis techniques to the market. Perten recently signed a contract with Maztech MicroVision, Ltd., Ottowa, Canada, to help bring digital image analysis into the mainstream of grain grading systems. Perten now offers both the Maztech SPY Grain Grader and SPX Speck Counter. Perten also offers a white/red wheat classification test kit developed by the U.S.D.A. with support from the Kansas Wheat Commission and administered through the Grain Industry Alliance.

"We believe that we must continue to develop new systems and techniques to stay current with the needs of our customers and to stay at the forefront of grain and flour analysis," Mr. Shadow said. "We have many projects in the pipeline, most in response to customer requests."