North American Tech Outlook: Norvell Co., Inc.

by Stormy Wylie
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Norvell Co., Inc. is a full-line manufacturer of sifters and agitators used predominantly for the flour and feed milling industries.

Our products are used to sift a wide range of products, from wheat flour to wood flour, cracked maize to soybeans and carbon black to plastics. We trace our history back more than 60 years of manufacturing single, two, four and six-section, free-swinging sifters; single and two-section, floor-mounted sifters; and pressure sifters for our customers.

We offer a complete line of wood frame, Formica-lined and stainless steel-lined sieves. Our agitators are manufactured in single high, double high, single wide and double wide configuration. All agitators are available in single inlet, single discharge configuration for the most complete line in the industry.

Our products are located in North America, South America, the Pacific Rim and Africa. We always strive to provide our customers with a cost-effective product and long service life. The latest improvement for our sifters is the "Press Top Pressure Regulator." This device will reduce operator damage to the sieve and sieve leakage.