North American Tech Outlook: Neuero Corp.

by Emily Wilson
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The U.S.-based Neuero Corp. and its sister company, Neuero Industrietechnik, Melle, Germany, are world leaders in the design, engineering and manufacture of pneumatic equipment, ranging from small portable units used in the agriculture industry to large marine applications.

The companies have received worldwide recognition for their GSD line of portable unloaders commonly used in lighterage operations and small port facilities.

As worldwide grain shipments increased in size, Neuero used its experience to develop the Multiport line of quay-side unloaders. These unloaders are available in mobile and fixed design, in capacities ranging from 150 tph to 1,000 tph.

Neuero recently designed and installed a new receiving plant for Pilmico Foods Corp in the Philippines. The project included a new stationary 300-tph unloader to service 45,000 dwt vessels. Neuero also designed and installed a 400-tph mechanical conveying system to move grain from the unloader to silos. The system included belt conveyors, drag conveyors, bucket elevators and precleaner, electronic scale, dust filtration and monitoring equipment.

In Indonesia, Neuero installed unloaders for P.T. Berdikari Flour Mills in Ujung Pandang and for P.T. Bogasari Flour Mills' facilities in Jakarta and Surabaya. Neuero also was involved in the Sarpindo jetty project in Jakarta, fitting two unloaders with a combined 400-tph capacity to load bran pellets.

The Neuero Group is dedicated to providing the most efficient and productive solution for each project. We are proud of our past accomplishments and our current projects. Our client list includes such reputable names as Continental Grain, Pillsbury, Cargill, Owensboro Grain, Pure Foods and Ocrim S.p.A. We hope to have the honor and opportunity to work with you on a project in the near future.