North American Tech Outlook: Maxi-Lift

by Emily Wilson
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Maxi-Lift, Inc. is the world's premier manufacturer of plastic and metal elevator buckets for industrial and agricultural applications. Its elevator buckets are known around the world by their names: Dura-Buket, Maxi-Tuff, Tiger-Tuff and Dura-Tuff. Related conveying products include elevator bolts, hardware, belt splices, screw conveyor hanger bearings, drag conveyor flights and UHMW sheeting products.

A state-of-the-art, 200,000-sq.-ft. headquarters in Dallas, Texas, U.S., was built in 1996. The manufacturing plant includes injection molding, plastic fabrication and metal fabrication facilities. The distribution area allows Maxi-Lift to warehouse the largest selection of elevator buckets in the world. No other bucket manufacturer stocks as many sizes, styles or materials ready for shipment.

Maxi-Lift's customer support is second to none. Customers can receive quotes directly over the phone, followed by fax confirmation on products, prices and delivery. Maxi-Lift utilizes the latest software, machinery and distribution methods to move products efficiently and effectively from its facility to yours. Services that other companies charge extra for are standard procedures for Maxi-Lift.

Maxi-Lift, Inc. is a privately held, family corporation led by Vic Sahm Jr., president and c.e.o. Under his direction, the company has grown to be the largest elevator bucket manufacturer in the world. Its sister division manufactures such products as plastic livestock flooring systems, plastic mini-pallets for moving bagged substances and supplement livestock feeding containers.

Maxi-Lift has amassed a management team dedicated to serving its customers with quality products and fast delivery.