North American Tech Outlook: MFS/York/Stormor

by Stormy Wylie
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MFS/York/Stormor, a division of Global Industries, is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of grain storage, grain handling and grain drying equipment in the world today. Customers are served by international sales offices in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Thailand and, in the United States, in Texas, California and Nebraska.

Experienced sales personnel, coupled with system design capability at each location, ensure that every system is designed to be the most efficient and most cost effective. Where other companies may supply components, MFS/York/Stormor supplies an entire system.

Silo capacities range up to 12,784 tonnes for flat bottom silos and 1,370 tonnes for hopper silos. A full line of complementary equipment, including ladders, aeration, unloading systems, stirring and cleaning equipment, man-walks, level indicators and other accessories, is available.

Grain handling equipment, bucket elevators, legs and en-masse conveyors are another key component to the complete system concept.
MFS/York/Stormor offers equipment of up to 1,000 tonnes per hour to move grain within the system and a full line of accessories, including towers, catwalks, spouting and distributors.

MFS/York/Stormor also offers many variations of in-bin drying. The Stormor Ezee-Dry roof drying system as well as conventional stir drying, bottom discharge and recirculating drying offers flexibility in drying choices for most grain types.

From our experienced group of workers to our up-to-date manufacturing facilities to our computer-assisted engineering designs, the main emphasis is on quality. This is backed by our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff working to meet and exceed each customer's requirements.