North American Tech Outlook: Industrial Protection Devices

by Emily Wilson
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Effective explosion suppression systems

Industrial Protection Devices (IPD), a division of Advanced Innovation, Inc., manufactures explosion suppression systems for the pharmaceutical, agricultural and waste industries. IPD’s System III delivers a suppression agent into an enclosed area at the first sign of a fireball to effectively suppress an explosion in its earliest stages of formation.

The self-checking IPD System III is designed to reduce the overall cost without compromising the speed of response required in explosion situations. A user-operated "disarm" safety mechanism provides lockout when plant personnel are working inside of process equipment.

Advanced Innovation, Inc.’s two divisions includeIndustrial Protection Devices (IPD), specializing in explosion suppression systems, and PowerTrol (QwickSwitch), which designs asynchronous transfer switches. For more information about Advanced Innovation, visit our web site at

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