North American Tech Outlook: Hi Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors

by Stormy Wylie
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Hi Roller Conveyors designs and manufactures enclosed belt conveyors. Hi Roller developed the original version 20 years ago. Thousands of conveyors later, Hi Roller manufactures exclusively enclosed belt conveyor systems for numerous industries.

All dust and spilled material is contained in the enclosure and automatically returned to the tail section and reloaded back onto the carrying surface of the belt without the use of auxillary equipment.

Hi Roller conveyors are clean, quiet, dependable and long-lasting.

Using its experience in enclosed conveyors, Hi Roller recently developed the "Consignor" — a totally enclosed, fully automated, movable tripper to replace open belt trippers. The "Hi Life" conveyor resembles a conventional troughing idler, but the conveyor has no bearings exposed to the internal atmosphere of the conveyor.