North American Tech Outlook: Genetic ID, Inc.

by Emily Wilson
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Genetic ID, Inc., is the global leader in identifying genetically modified organisms. Genetic ID pioneered the first tests to detect genetically modified foods and was the first to certify food products as non-GMO. Genetic ID's DNA-based method is recognized as the most accurate, sensitive, and reliable GMO test, able to identify all commercialized GMOs and detect as little as two GMO molecules.

The Cert IDSM is the most widely accepted non-GMO certification throughout the world. It integrates highly accurate GMO testing with the rigorous traceability of an ISO-compliant identity-preserved system to ensure non-GMO production. Certified products comply with government regulations, find rapid acceptance in expanding non-GMO markets and satisfy consumer demands.

Genetic ID's Varietal IDSM tests allow importers and exporters to screen for GMO varieties prohibited in the European Union and Japan. To support customers with standardized consistent testing worldwide, Genetic ID established the Global Laboratory Alliance,SM a network of quality labs strategically located around the world.