North American Tech Outlook: Entoleter, Inc.

by Stormy Wylie
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Entoleter now offers more than grain cleaning (ESA) and infestation destruction in flour (EID). Other areas of expertise include a grain huller; CentriMil prebreak; dry corn degerminator; special flour, spice and sugar grinders; and the high shear CentriMix.

Each application combines over 50 years of engineering know-how with a knowledge of process applications to provide the correct machine for the task. Entoleter products are known industry-wide for their reliability.

The rugged construction and special surfaces in the CentriMil material contact area provides for consistent performance over an extended period of operation without the use of screens. All Entoleter mills are adaptable to pneumatic and gravity conveying systems.

The unique Entoleter use of centrifugal force to provide a desired product results in less horsepower consumption per 1,000 pounds of product than most other processing methods, while maintaining lower temperature in the product.

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