North American Tech Outlook: Dickey-john Corp.

by Emily Wilson
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Dickey-john Corp. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic controls, monitors, sensors and analysis products utilized in agriculture, food processing and a wide variety of other industrial and commercial applications. For over 30 years, Dickey-john products have advanced the accuracy and simplicity of the analytical process. Dickey-john manufactures a complete line of analysis equipment designed for both in-field and laboratory analysis of agricultural and industrial products.

Dickey-john's GAC2100 is designed for grain terminals and handling facilities that need continual testing of moisture level in grain shipments. It is available in a standard desk-top version or an automated version, the GAC2100a, for remote moisture testing.

Once a sample is poured into the hopper, the fully automatic GAC 2100a weighs the sample, measures grain temperature and analyzes the results against stored calibrations to produce a sample grain moisture reading. In 1997, the GAC 2100 was selected by the U.S. government's Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (G.I.P.S.A.) as its new official moisture meter.

Utilizing near infrared (NIR) technology, Dickey-john's GAC III is designed to analyze ground samples of grains and grain products to determine various constituent levels such as protein, moisture and oil. The GAC III is used at grain handling facilities, food/feed production facilities and laboratories.

The Dickey-john Instalab 600 NIR analyzer is a highly versatile and accurate instrument for measuring moisture, proteins, starches, oils and other constituents in a wide variety of raw materials. The Multi-Grain portable grain moisture tester is a hand-held unit which can be used in the field for immediate reporting of moisture levels in various grains. Direct readings are available for 12 of the most used grains, with conversion charts available for many other grains.