North American Tech Outlook: Delta Technology Corp.

by Stormy Wylie
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Delta Technology has a better way to color sort grains. The Houston, Texas-based company recently introduced its latest line of high-volume, electronic color sorters. The "Waterfall" series color sorters has advantages previously not available to grain processors.

Innovative methods of grain transport in free-flow, rather than traditional methods of singulating grain or conveying product on a belt, allow for higher production capacities in a reduced floor space.

The unique system of grain transport also reduces maintenance and operating costs. There are no moving parts or motors, and Delta's efficient electronic design eliminates the need for supplemental cooling devices.

Advanced, digital design allows for simplified and automatic operation, assuring accurate and consistent removal of defects. Extremely high-resolution optics has the ability to "zero in" on faint defects with the versatility to remove off-color defects and foreign material. The systems can also be coupled with infrared and ultraviolet technologies for special applications.

The "Waterfall" series color sorters are available in different configurations to meet specific production throughput requirements, including models Victoria, Niagara and Iguazu. Contact us for more information regarding the model and system that best suits your product and applications.