North American Tech Outlook: CompuWeigh Corp.

by Emily Wilson
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CompuWeigh Corp. has been a leader in providing bulk- weighing solutions to the grain industry for high-speed and high-accuracy weighing. In 1978, CompuWeigh introduced the first NTEP approved, computerized bulkweigh-ing controller. More than 85% of all grain exported from the U.S is weighed through these controllers.

CompuWeigh manufactures a complete line of NTEP certified products for precision weighing control, data management and equipment automation for bulkweighing and platform scales. The scale product line includes:

• Bulkweighing Scales from 100 to 3,000 tph.

• New low-height, dual-hopper scales with no need for upper garner.

• In Process scales from 1 to 90 tph.

• Scale Controllers, over 1,500 worldwide.

• Plant automation systems with PLC/man-machine equipment integration.

In 1992, CompuWeigh introduced the Grain Management System® (GMS) — one of the industry's first NTEP approved "Windows" system. The GMS handles all aspects of weighing for platform and bulkweighing scales. Features include grading, inventory, blending and integration to all the leading accounting companies.

In 1994, CompuWeigh's Automation Division was launched to provide PLC/HMI plant equipment integration. Their unique ability to integrate three major components — scales, data management and plant equipment control — into one system has resulted in cost-effective solutions for customers. The combination of facilities operating more efficiently with less equipment and less overhead has made CompuWeigh the leader in U.S. grain automation.