North American Tech Outlook: Christianson Systems

by Stormy Wylie
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Christianson Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of shipunloaders and pneumatic conveying systems for bulk materials such as grains, feeds, fertilizers, and plastics. Its equipment serves the agriculture, commercial bulk handling and marine port industries in the United States and internationally.

Christianson's extensive product line ranges from small bulk seed conveyors to large shipunloaders for discharging ocean-going vessels at rates of 600 tonnes per hour. Its brands include SuperTower Fanless Shipunloaders, SuperPortable Fanless Shipunloaders, Dunbar Kapple Vac-U-Vator and Handlair Pneumatic Conveyors.

Christianson's roots are in agriculture and farming. In the early 1970s, the Christianson farm expanded into equipment distribution through its association with Dunbar Kapple/Vac-U-Vator, formerly of Batavia, Illinois, U.S. By 1980, Christianson started manufacturing its own line of pneumatic conveyors under the Handlair brand, marketing them throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 1989, Christianson purchased Dunbar Kapple/Vac-U-Vator and moved its manufacturing and international marketing operations from Illinois to Blomkest, Minnesota.

Worldwide markets are served directly from Blomkest as well as through a network of agents and resellers. Christianson's most recent international projects are in Chile, Indonesia, Nigeria, Romania, Turkey, Venezuela and the Philippines.

Christianson has focused on providing innovative, reliable, high-quality equipment by investing substantially in the latest computer-aided-design technology and hiring the best people in the industry. Its 85,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Blomkest includes an 80-foot high building for manufacturing and testing of large shipunloaders.