North American Tech Outlook: Chief Industries, Inc.

by Emily Wilson
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Chief Agri/Industrial, a division of Chief Industries, Inc., specializes in the design, manufacture and sales of grain storage systems around the world. More than 40 years of experience helps Chief offer its customers a wide range of products and the expertise to serve their individual needs.

Chief offers everything needed for a complete grain storage system, including steel grain silos, grain handling and conditioning equipment (fans, heaters, floors, conveyors, and bucket elevators) as well as a complete line of accessories and steel buildings for agricultural and commercial use.

Because Chief manufactures most of the major equipment and accessories that go into a storage facility, it can offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Chief is dedicated to designing superior installations that fit your current requirements, offering more than 300 standard grain silo and hopper tank sizes, while also providing for future expansion with silos available up to 75 meters in diameter and storage capacities up to 38,000 tonnes.

With its Caldwell product line, Chief ensures that every customer will have the industry's finest conditioning and handling systems available. The Caldwell line includes complete handling and aeration equipment such as fans, heaters, drying floors, conveyors and bucket elevators. This product line is also supported by Chief's trained technical staff and customer service representatives.

Technical support from Chief doesn't end with the sale. Chief strives to deliver the professional guidance to construct the best possible system for their operations. Help from Chief is as close as a telephone call, with the full service of Chief's knowledge and experience on your side.

All around the world, from the smallest grain terminal to the largest port facility, Chief installations are continually providing positive motion. From designing and upgrading to maintaining a truly superior grain system, Chief is the ultimate answer to all grain storage, handling and conditioning needs. Before you start your next project, give Chief a call. It is just that simple…you can rely on Chief because you are our chief concern.