North American Tech Outlook: American Ingredients Company

by Emily Wilson
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American Ingredients Company, Flour Services Division, is the leading supplier of ingredients for the flour milling industry. For almost 90 years, American Ingredients has supplied a full range of ingredients designed to help millers around the world improve the nutrition, appearance and performance of their flour.

Our products are backed by top-quality technical service. American Ingredients’ laboratory provides millers with a wide range of analytical services, including complimentary vitamin assays for all enrichment customers. Our products and services include:

Enrichment: The N-R-A line of enrichment premixes includes standard mixes for many countries around the world. We also produce custom blends to meet any specific application.

Bleach: LA Zerolux and LA Novadelox benzoyl peroxide flour bleach are the finest quality available.

Maturing ingredients: American Ingredients invented and patented azodicarbonamide as an artificial flour maturing agent. Although the patent has expired and others try to create similar versions, Maturox continues to be the premier flour maturing agent in use today.

Enzymes: Doh Tone alpha amylase premixes enable millers to supplement the natural enzyme activity of their wheat flour to help provide consistent baking performance.

Feeders and Chlorinators: In addition to world-class ingredients, American Ingredients supplies the equipment necessary to meter ingredients accurately into your flour stream.

At American Ingredients Company, we strive to provide solutions to your flour treatment problems.

American Ingredients Company

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