North African millers organize A.O.M Maghreb District

by Teresa Acklin
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   Flour millers in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria have organized a new district of the Association of Operative Millers.

   The decision to form the Maghreb District came at a meeting in Casablanca attended by about 70 millers from the region. The meeting included presentations by Harvey McCray, A.O.M. executive director, and Andre Bega, Middle East District chairman.

   The new district will petition for a charter from the A.O.M. board of directors. The Maghreb District is expected to be approved officially at the A.O.M.'s next annual technical conference in June 1994.

   The millers elected the following officers for the new district:

   Honorary chairman — Hadj Mohamed Kassidi, president of the Moroccan Millers' Association;

   Honorary chairman — Othman Ben Ghorbal, president of the Tunisian Millers' Association;

   Chairman — Abderrahmane Younes, director of the Moroccan Millers' Association;

   Vice-chairman — Khaled Touhami, director of the Tunisian Millers' Association.

   The Maghreb is a geographical region consisting of Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. The prinicipal countries represented in the new A.O.M. district are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Mauritania's milling industry currently consists of many small mills grinding eight to 10 tonnes per day, and that country is not expected to become an active member of the district until industrial milling is established.