Nisshin Flour creates holding company structure

by Emily Wilson
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Osamu Shoda, president of Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd., Japan’s largest flour miller and a leading food manufacturer, announced creation of a holding company structure under the name Nisshin Sefun Group Inc., effective July 2. The new holding company is assuming the listing on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges.

The group comprises 33 consolidated companies, with milling operating as Nisshin Flour Milling Inc., food as Nisshin Foods Inc., and feed as Nisshin Feed Inc. Milling includes Rogers Foods Ltd., the group’s British Columbia operations, while foods includes Medallion Foods, Inc., a pasta manufacturing unit at Tacoma, Washington, U.S.

Shoda said that Nisshin milling, while emphasizing quality flour products, "will promote further enlargement of our global enterprise activities, aiming to be a leading international company."