Nishhin: 100 years of history

by Suzi Fraser
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1900: Tatebayashi Flour Milling Co., Ltd., predecessor of Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd., established in Tatebayashi, Gumma prefecture, Japan, by Teiichiro Shoda.

1908: Tatebayashi Flour Milling acquired Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd., a new firm that was constructing a flour mill in Yokohama, and changed the company’s name to Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd. Headquarters relocated to Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

1926: Construction of Tsurumi Plant, still the company’s main plant, completed, opening up new opportunities for wheat flour exports.

1945: Reconstruction work began on war-damaged plants.

1949: Reconstruction and expansion of plants largely completed, allowing the company to meet rising demand for food in the early post-war era.

1957: The latest pneumatic conveyor systems of MIAG of Germany and Buhler Brothers of Switzerland installed at the Tsurumi Plant and Kobe Plant, respectively, ushering in a new era of modernization for Japan’s flour milling industry.

1960: Chugai Kogyo Co., Ltd., an affiliate, renamed Nisshin Feed Co., Ltd.

1961: Nisshin Flour Milling acquired the feed production and research operations of Nisshin Feed, thus launching the company’s diversification strategy.

1962: Nisshin Foods Co., Ltd. established to produce and market cake mixes.

1965: Nisshin Flour Milling acquired the production and research operations of Nisshin Foods. Nisshin Nagano Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, was renamed Nisshin Chemicals Co., Ltd. 

1966: Nisshin-DCA Foods Inc., a joint venture with DCA Food Industries Inc. of the U.S., established to produce and market commercial-use donut mixes and donut-making equipment.

1967: Nisshin Foods acquired the sales operation of affiliate Ma[* No filter found for the requested operation. | In-line.PNG *]Ma[* No filter found for the requested operation. | In-line.PNG *]Macaroni Co., Ltd.

1970: Nisshin Livestock Farming Co., Ltd was established to breed livestock. Nisshin Petfood Co., Ltd. was established to market pet food.

1972: Nisshin Engineering Co., Ltd. established to perform engineering work. Daisen Ham Co., Ltd., an affiliate, renamed Nisshin Ham Co., Ltd.

1978: Fresh Food Service Co., Ltd. established to operate frozen noodle-related businesses.

1987: Nisshin Flour Milling acquired Nisshin Foods and Nisshin Chemicals.

1988: Thai Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd., a joint venture, established, and started operation in January 1989.

1989: Nisshin Managerial Technology Center Co., Ltd. established. Nisshin Flour Milling acquired Rogers Foods Ltd., a Canadian flour milling company.

1991: Thai Nisshin-DCA Co., Ltd. and Nisshin-STC Flour Milling Co., Ltd., two joint ventures, established in Thailand. The IT Systems Department of Nisshin Flour Milling became Nisshin Information Systems Inc., an independent company.

1994: Nisshin Flour Milling acquired all the shares of Nisshin-DCA Foods that were owned by DCA Food Industries Inc.

1995: Higashi-Nada Plant and Kobe Plant damaged by the Great Hanshin Earthquake, but reinstated within the year.

1996: Nisshin Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. established as a joint venture between Nisshin Flour Milling and Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Medallion Foods Inc. established in Washington State to produce and market pasta in the U.S.

1997: Nisshin-DCA Foods and Thai Nisshin-DCA renamed Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd. and Thai Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd., respectively. Nisshin Flour Milling’s frozen foods operation incorporated as Nisshin Foods Co., Ltd.

1998: Nisshin Flour Milling acquired a headquarters building in Kanda-Nishiki-cho and relocated the headquarters in March.

1999: Nisshin Flour Milling acquired Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd. Earthquake-proofing work completed on the Koami-cho Building (the former corporate headquarters).

2000: Nisshin Flour Milling celebrated its100th anniversary in October.

2001: Nisshin Seifun Group started new group management in July. So-shoku Club started.

2002: Qindao Nisshin Seifun Foods coating mix business established in China. Tsurumi G-Mill completed; production at Tatebayashi Mill closed down.