New test bakery for Canadian wheat

by Emily Wilson
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WINNIPEG, CANADA — A test bakery designed to provide research, marketing and customer service support to Canada’s wheat industry has been officially opened at the Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI).

The test bakery builds on CIGI’s commercial focus, providing an important link between industry research activities and larger-scale pilot testing. The technical evaluations, training programs, investigative studies and customer service provided through the test bakery will assist wheat breeders, growers, processors and marketers.

"The impact of this facility will be seen worldwide," said Dr. Arnold Tremere, CIGI Executive Director. "This bakery will allow us to better serve the Canadian wheat industry by enhancing our teaching and demonstration capacity as well as our testing and product development capabilities. At the same time, international customers will benefit from a more in-depth technical exchange regarding the suitability and use of Canadian wheat and flour in their end products."

With its specialized equipment for small-scale baking, the test bakery complements CIGI’s pilot bakery by providing controlled conditions and the ability to work with small amounts of flour. For example, the test bakery will produce laboratory-scale bread loaves of 140 grams compared to the 530 gram commercial-scale loaves produced in CIGI’s pilot bakery.

Activities identified for the test bakery include: functional testing of new wheat varieties targeted for the baking industry; evaluation of flour blends, formulations and dough additives on baking performance; and an assessment of processing and equipment variations on baking quality.

"In wheat marketing, this type of technical support is a critical element in helping to differentiate Canadian wheat from that of our competitors," Dr. Tremere said. E-Archive #52835